6 Years of Radon Lounge

28 Nov

Can’t believe it, Radon has been a thing for 6 years!

Christmas is exploding once again on December 2nd. We’ve got a very eclectic lineup of bands with indie folk Families, smooth R&B Sam Arias, British indie pop Holy Pinto (featuring Jessica Knight from Looming!), and yodeling cowboy Randy Erwin.

Also our very own Cat Black is showing off her wood burning art in a small exhibit. Cat does quite a bit behind the scenes to make the Radon legit, including creating all the posters for each show.

We’ll start in the basement with potluck, bands, coffee and arcade games and end in the living room with warm holiday drinks and yodeling.

2018 is just around the corner and we’re already busy booking bees.

facebook event here




Give Thanks for Indie Folk

31 Oct

The next show is November 18th, featuring Shiny Shiny Black and Dietrich Jon along with local folk artists Tom Irwin and Peaches & Bacon. Also local artist Felicia Olin added to the mix will make this show something quite beautiful to behold.

Check out the event page on facebook.


October is scary good

5 Oct

October this year is stacking up to be a scary good month at the Radon Lounge.

We have 2 events coming up. On Oct. 13th we are super privileged to host a David Bazan Living Room Show. Although this will be hosted in the basement, it will be a little different than the usual Radon show in that you have to buy a ticket online and cannot pay at the door. Other than that we’ll have the usual coffee and arcade going before and after the Bazan’s set.

Go to the facebook event page to to learn more about the show and how to get tickets.

Bazan living room show

Also on Oct 27th we have a super good STRANGE THINGS themed show with Adjy, Household, and Bottom Bracket. We’re super stoked about all of this, life is rad.

Facebook event here.


Next up after Summer Break

16 Aug

Our next show will be September 29th. It’s going to be a real quality show to come back to after our summer break. Check out the details here!


It’s gonna be May

27 Apr

Back with the Radon Lounge was a wee lil baby, we hosted this band called Listener and folks drove from all around to see. It was our first full house show.


Listener @ Radon 2012

Now 5 years later we’re doing it again! It’s been great getting to know these guys over the years between sets of Red Sweater Lullaby, that Christmas show, and AudioFeed. Listener is coming back on May 16th and there’s rumblings about a new album in the works. If you haven’t had a chance yet, this is your best chance to hear the world’s best talk music.


Also on the show is Jeff Williams of the local legendary punk band NIL8. Jeff will be playing solo for this show as well as doubling as our featured visual artist.

This will also be the first performance of brand new band Layers, who is Aubrey Puyear (Honey/Suck) and Bloo Parks (Pryss).


Also during the show, enjoy snacks from Milk & Honey Fresh Market, our favorite downtown Springfield grocer.

Hope to see you! Here’s the facebook event. This may be our last basement show until the fall as we’ll be busy with AudioFeed and taking time for family trips this summer.



April, Round 2

5 Apr

We’re making sure this April is extra good with 2 shows! This doesn’t happen often.


On April 15th, we’re excited to host Bonesetters from Indianapolis. Self proclaimed surf-pop band whose most recent achievements include being listed in the Indianapolis Star as one of “Ten Indiana Bands You Should be Listening to Right Now”, and their song SAVAGES featured in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announcement for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 in 2016.


Local Springfield rockers Blind Social are finally back once again at the Radon Lounge. One thing that strikes us about this band is thinking about what it might be like if certain classic rock bands were starting today with today’s sensibilities, what might they sound like? Perhaps this is it. Plus judging from recent pictures, they have the hair to boot! Rumors are they’re working up some new songs, can’t wait to hear them at this show!

eric marvel
Also on the show is the long overdue appearance of Eric Marvel. Some longtime followers of Radon may remember a local electronic band Luzhin Defense. Eric is one half of that band, striking out on his own. Springfield is definitely heavy on americana and country but certainly light on electronic music, but if that’s what you’re after, then this is where you need to be.


Music, visual art and poetry is all present at this show. Speaking of poetry, we’re privelidged to be hearing some poems from Ian Winterbauer, who has even recently published his own book of poems.https://www.facebook.com/ianwritesbooks/


Our visual artist featured at this event is Jen Santarelli, aka Arty Farty Slumber Party. Jen’s artwork consists of geometrics, straight lines, and nifty buttons. Check out her art at this show and definitely visit her online store! Also the artwork for this show comes from one of her original paintings.


Springfield’s creative cooking project Copper Pot Cooking Studio will be bringing good home cooked food to share with everyone at the event. If you’re not familiar, Copper Pot provides cooking classes with folks of all ages here in Springfield.

So much to do in one event, just how we like it. Check out the facebook event at:




Young Eyes Record Release!

12 Mar

Our next show on April 1st is going to be a Young Eyes record release party! We’re so excited to be once again hosting Brian Lee and the gang as they’re definitely one of the best when it comes to central Illinois indie rock.


The Young Eyes

Ever since falling in love with their previous band Brian Lee & His Orchestra, we’ve been huge fans of whatever these guys do. However, once it was announced the Orchestra was morphing into a new kind of band, we were a bit worried. We really liked the current thing and didn’t like seeing it go away. Fortunately the Young Eyes are fantastic! The new sound has a  vintage timelessness to it that at the same time sounds modern and fresh. Due to the band’s business outside of being a band, it’s a bit difficult to actually see them perform, so make sure you don’t miss your chance this time around.

Also on the ticket is another local indie icon, Kirk Donley. Kirk is a veteran in the scene as he’s performed in quite a few bands, and is currently half of the Dandelion Pickers. When not playing shows, Kirk and his wife also give music lessons. If you’re someone looking to learn a thing or two, they’re the people to see.


Kirk Donley

We’re also excited to once again host local springfield rockers Stereo Static. Their last appearance was at last year’s Horse Show and they have been playing shows around town since.


Stereo Static

Outside of music, we’ll be displaying visual art by Immanuel Ahiable. Last show we experimented with a small art gallery format for Amanda Greive and it worked out really well. It was a challenge to figure out how to do this right in a dimly lit basement but it worked out so well that we’re excited to make this a regular thing. Immanuel will be showing some original paintings and maybe even video!


Immanuel Ahiable

Check out the show on facebook here, hope to see you there!