Garden Party!

15 Aug

We’re super stoked to host our 2nd Garden Party!

We came up with the idea last year when trying to figure out how an August Radon Show would work. How can we distract people from how hot everything is to actually enjoy a show?


The Mailboxes

So once again we’re opening up the Radon Water Park, aka misting fan, to cool people off. Feel free to check out our veggie garden. We’re also making up some cold brew coffee to give away for free during the show along with popsicles! Not to mention the arcade!

On top of that we’re hosting some of the most fun bands we can think of. It’s been a long time since Mr Nasti from Fairfield Iowa has been by the Radon, but his last appearance was definitely one of our most memorable shows. Also we’re really excited to host The Mailboxes from Cleveland Tennessee. We got to see Mailboxes for the first time this year at AudioFeed and you don’t want to miss your chance now.


Blind Social

Two local bands fill out the show, Blind Social and Built In A day. Both bands have appeared before in various Open Mic nights and Blind Social played last year’s Horse Show. Both bands bring the rock.


Built In A Day

This show will be super rad, hope you can make it! Here is the Facebook event page.


AudioFeed 2015 Recap’d

23 Jul

-Jeff Radon

Where do I begin? I suppose the beginning.

I started the fest bright and early on Monday to start setting up the tent and help out with whatever was happening. I hung up a bunch of silly planets and stars to help Pinbot feel at home. Of all the AudioFeeds and Cornerstones, I guess no one ever brought a pinball machine to the festival. But somebody blew away my high score, so definitely not doing that again.

The Radon tent didn’t really get started until Thursday and we had a really solid day of great artists. There never was a time when the tent felt completely empty, we were pretty impressed by the steady stream of folks checking out a lot of the “smaller” artists playing our place. It was nice to see the only Springfield band, Honey/Suck, represent. Other highlights for me was Mailboxes, 6’10, Waterdeep, and Levi The Poet.


Levi The Poet closing out Thursday at the Radon Tent

I have to say the lineup this year was definitely our best yet. When people asked me what day would be the best to check out the fest, it was really hard to come up with a clear answer, although maybe Friday?

Friday at the Radon tent we hosted some more great artists including The Still, Small Voice, Bethany Hansen, and my highlight of the day: Trouper. That evening got a little weird as we cranked the Radon eccentricity to the max with folk punk, Columbian metal, and goth. It was my first time seeing a Destroy Nate Allen set and it did not disappoint. Elsewhere at the fest the Supertones were playing as well as one of my all time faves The Soil & The Son.


The Supertones headlining Friday on the Black Sheep stage

Saturday was the last full day, but a very awesome day as well. The Radon stage felt more Radon than ever with many more new discoveries such as Get In The Ark, The Bergamot, and Fever Fever. I think we ended in the right way with a very loud Muir set to shake people to the core, followed by the quietest Beards set ever. We then launched into the dance party with Spoken Nerd and Quiet Entertainer, which unfortunately got shut down early due to noise complaints. Elsewhere at the fest Flatfoot 56 were so engaging with their pillow fight themed show, 2 people actually got engaged.

Saturday night was also my biggest freak out moment when the other organizers came over to my tent, while I was enjoying a very nice Beards set. They informed me the generator at the Black Sheep stage blew up and they may need to bring over Flatfoot 56 to my stage. I immediately went into the fetal position. Fortunately that didn’t happen, I’m sure my tiny-frail hipster tent could not have collapsed trying to contain all that rock.


Comrades playing an impromptu set on the Front Porch stage

I’m very thankful AudioFeed has brought me into the team. I’m also thankful for my own team, some of my usual Radon volunteers showed up to help me run the tent. Thanks Zaxxson and JB! Apryl was already drafted for overall artist hospitality and my wife’s job was to keep our 1 year old alive, which she did successfully. Also a huge shoutout to the Radon tent sound team, the Impact Crew. They were veterans from Cornerstone and were a great group of guys to work with, despite the fact they didn’t understand why all these hipster bands didn’t have bass players.

Every year this festival feels more like a family reunion, perhaps a glimpse of what heaven is like, and that was certainly the case this year. The main organizers of the fest have been transparent about the business end, which has just been posted on the AudioFeed Facebook page. We still have more growing to do for sure, but AudioFeed is definitely something special. I’ve already got ideas for 2016.


Destroy Nate Allen destruction at the Radon tent

AudioFeed 2015 Preview

23 Jun

Whoa man, Whoa man, Whoa man.

The 3rd AudioFeed will be here in less than 3 weeks. Once again we’re hosting one of the main stages, keeping that hipster foothold on this beautiful and crazy experience.


We think this year has the best lineup yet. You can check out the lineup as well as a tentative schedule at We’re looking forwarding to discovering many new bands. We’re definitely going to check out The MailboxesAracely, Captiva, Keep Quiet, Jason Barrows, Sea Cycles, American Wolf, The Bergamot, Fever Fever, and Muir


The Bergamot

One special set we’re looking forward to is Waterdeep, playing Thursday evening on our stage. We have loved Waterdeep for forever, and are very excited to be hosting them.



Something even more special than new music discoveries is reconnecting with friends. It’s a truly great experience to see so many of bands and folks we have connected with over the years of doing Radon. Some of the bands we’re really looking forward to seeing again would include The Soil & The Sun, Von Strantz, 6’10, Narrow/Arrow, MR NASTI, Spoken Nerd, Analecta, Timbre, Trouper, Kat Jones, Cantalouper, Hushpad, Lauryn Peacock, and Beards.


The Soil & The Sun

There are other things to do, too. There is a family zone with lots of kid activities, a 24/7 prayer and worship tent, the Asylum tent where things really get weird. And a new tent this year called the Imaginarium, which will host movie screenings and video game tournaments.

It’s no secret AudioFeed is a Christian Music Festival, made up of all the quirky goodness that made the ol’ Cornerstone Music Festival really great. If you’re looking for a Christian festival full of good American Christian Cultural values such as guns, politics, and generally being in a bad mood all the time, then keep looking. This is a wonderful festival celebrating the creativity instilled in us by our Creator.  This is the weirdest bunch of people you will ever see in your life, the young, the old, goths, punks, bikers, metalheads, hippies, hipsters , and plenty of “normal people”. Hope you can make it, get your tickets at


Mini Horse Show

17 May

Our next show will be June 20th and will be called the Mini Horse Show.

This will be a benefit show for Refuge Ranch, where we usually have our annual music fest, The Horse Show. Although the Mini Horse Show will be in the usual basement.


We didn’t host a Horse show this year as the ranch is going through some big changes. But hopefully we’ll have one again next year.

We’re excited about the bands performing, almost all local with the exception of Bethany Hansen from Mattoon, IL. We’ll talk more about the bands and specifics on the show later. For now you can check out the facebook event page for more details.

Open Mic this Saturday!

5 May

We’re excited to once again be hosting an Open Mic. It feels like anything can happen these nights, so many people doing stuff. We have a lot of performers signed who are new to the Radon, and that’s always exciting!

We’re sending all donations raised at this show to the Project Southtown Kickstarter. If you’ve not heard, this project helps our friends at the Black Sheep Cafe, Dumb Records, and Southtown Studios. This is a very weird, unique, and wonderful block of Springfield, and we hope they will get their funds to keep it going.


Also, the official Radon house band Brother Phoenix might be performing for their last time as big shot Chase Abner is just too big for this town. Catch him performing one last time before he gets his chance at superstardom and the fall thereafter.


Major Radon Arcade Update

12 Apr

Those coming to our show this Friday will be the first to experience the latest improvements to the Radon Arcade. Our video arcade machine has just been through a major software upgrade and now has hundreds, if not a thousand more games added to the collection. Also a new control has been added which is a spinning knob. This correctly emulates the classic game Tempest, as well as helps make driving games somewhat playable.


Also we have our next pinball machine, PINBOT! It’s definitely an older pin than our last, but we love the retro sound and it’s definitely a timeless classic. We think Pinbot will be more fun to play for everyone. If you can get the robot’s visor to open, you can lock two balls to start Multiball! Also travel the solar system by collecting planets for major points.

As always, both the video arcade and the pinball machine are free to play at all shows!

Next Open Mic Announced!

5 Apr

We’re hosting our next Open Mic on May 9th! We love doing these as it gives more folks a chance to show off their skillz. We also like putting discoveries from Open Mics on our other shows, plus you never know who else is discovering local talent for the first time…

If you want to perform for up to 15 minutes, give us a message at or message us on our facebook site. Check out the event page on Facebook here, hope to see you there!

April17_2015Don’t forget we also have a show coming up April 17th!


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