Super Bowl Party 2/5 #BYOSB

So while planning the next Radon Show, we found we were completely detached from reality and booked the same night as the Super Bowl, oops.

But, that won’t negate the fact we have an awesome show planned out. We’ve got just about everything happening at this Super Bowl party, including our new friend Emma Wilson baking cookies for everybody! you’ll just need to bring your own Super Bowl.


We’re really excited to have our friends Von Strantz back once again. Word on the street is they’ll be playing some new tunes! If you still have yet to hear these sweet Nashville soul sisters, then hopefully this will be your chance to right that wrong.


Also on the show will be David Rokos, singer-songwriter from Chicago. David recently released a new album, his 10th overall release, and 2nd solo release, “When You Were Her” finds Rokos hitting his stride as a songwriter with 8 songs that flow effortlessly between catchy pop-punk anthems in the vein of his band Get Well Cards and intimate acoustic stories.


This will be the first Radon show for local Springfield rock and roll band The Good Companions. This 3-piece founded in 2014 out of a mutual love of good song craft and honest live performance.

Arlin Peebles will be here for another Radon Lounge show. Arlin is Studio Show famous here in Springfield, after appearing on the popular local web series multiple times. When not trying his hand at acting, fathering, working, he’s also quite an accomplished singer-songwriter.

After the show we can score up the points to see who becomes the new reigning champion of the competition and who go home as weeping losers, just like all Radon Lounge shows! All shout and all dance as the Super Bowl is here!

Facebook event page here


Horse Show Lineup Announcement #2

Getting excited for the Horse Show happening June 18th out at Refuge Ranch! Here are 5 more bands playing the event.


How can we ever put on a Horse Show without our lovely friends Von Strantz? We hosted a show earlier this year for these ladies and now they will be back again for the Horse Show. If you haven’t seen them yet, why not? Coming from Indiana, this folk duo has been all over the country stirring people’s souls.

Also playing is Mocklove from Columbia, MO. Mocklove is progressive, aggressive, and emotional; hearts pounding and minds pondering with their catchy, visceral melodies combined with soothing, raw vocals.


Brandon Austin, a Christian hip-hop artist from Springfield IL. With a unique style and positive lyrics, “BA” is a performer you won’t forget!


Once again, we’re happy to bring along Like… With Jetpacks, Springfield’s #1 video game cover band. Their version of the Legend of Zelda theme never gets old, they also write their own songs that sound like video games and have plenty of other little fun nuggets.


Our last band to announce for now is Pretend I’m Not There. This is the immersive ambient solo project of B.J. Pearce of Springfield, one of the most active people of the Springfield scene. We thought about listing all the bands he’s currently a part of, but that would take a while…


facebook event for the Horse Show is over here. Hope you can make it!


Be Here 2/28

This Saturday we’re excited to be hosting another super great show at the Radon Lounge.


Our friends Von Strantz are back. There have been some lineup change since the last time they were here. Von Strantz is now a 2 piece, both Jess and Kelsey are accomplished multi-instrumentalists bringing that great indie folk we know and love about this band. They have been working hard in the past year, releasing 3 EPs in a series which make up their new album “Narratives”. You can check out and buy their EPs and the new album on their bandcamp site. You can also listen here:


Otis The Destroyer is on tour from Austin, TX. Otis has been making an impact in their very crowded Austin scene with their experimental psych indie rock. In the past year they have had the pleasure of opening for Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü) as well as garner some press from SXSW. They’re currently working on their first full length. Hear their current EP on their bandcamp here:

Also on the show is Springfield local indie rock band, The Locals. So far they have performed at a couple of our cover nights and was also a winner at Black Sheep Cafe’s battle of the bands. These guys are definitely off to a good start. You can see a video of one of their performances here:

Opening the show will be Rella, the lo-fi acoustic project of Clare Frachey, lead singer from local punk band SAP. She has one song recorded you can check out here:

Join the facebook event here.



Next show, Feb 28th!

We’re super pumped to be hosting Otis the Destroyer from Austin, TX. They’re making big waves in a big scene, and they will handily rock our humble basement venue. Also coming back are our friends and multi-instrumental indie folkers VON Strantz,

Representing our burgeoning Springfield scene are The Locals, who have made previous appearances as part of our cover show series. We’re excited to see their full set. Also Clare Frachey of local goofy punk band SAP will be performing her lo-fi solo project Rella to open the show.

Feb 28th, cover $5, lots of fun things for free. Don’t miss!


Horse Show 2014 Recap

We finally have time to sit down and write a little about all the great shows that just happened.

If you missed the announcement, the next Radon Lounge show is August 23rd, more details later.

The Horse Show that happened on June 21, 2014 was a success! People came and had fun, hence success!


The day started off with David Lasley on the barn stage and soon both stages were in full force. Over 20 bands performed and there was never a dull moment.


One of our food vendors had to cancel last minute due to an untimely death in the family. We missed the gyros and falafel this year, but Dew’s Chili definitely brought some great food.


We tried to offer plenty to do all day long with the mondo croquet and volleyball, and it was really fun to watch the impromptu games of soccer and hula hooping.


The horses were a big hit as always, Refuge Ranch is always happy to tell you their names and stories.


Of the bands that performed, many were Radon Lounge veterans, and some were new to our scene. We were really blown away especially with new discoveries The Saudades and Narrow/Arrow.


We’re also excited that we got to feature new bands and artists discovered through Radon Cover Shows and Open Mics, such as Jordan Bauer, Anchored Souls, and Blind Social.


The weather was mostly great throughout the day with some rain in the evening, which just served to cool everything down. Of course the stages were indoors, so it didn’t slow us down at all.



The Soil & the Sun closed out the evening with a terrific set.


The folks at Refuge Ranch had a great time hosting the event, as did we. We’re already putting plans together for Horse Show 2015.


We are very thankful for Refuge Ranch, our sound guys, artist food and hospitality specialists, and parking attendants.

Also big thanks to the Vine and the rest of our sponsors for making this event possible. There is a Vine show coming later this month, better check it out.

Quick Horse Show update, VON Strantz has been announced!


They are working on a series of 3 EPs, which we think might be even better than their first release. Here is a sampling from the first of the three:

They’re also hoping to raise money for the these new EPs as well as a new touring van. This is could be the investment opportunity of your lifetime?

Check out their Indiegogo campaign here.

Christmas Exploded

It was everywhere, there’s no getting the Christmas out of these clothes.

It was a legendary evening with so many fun happenings on literally multiple levels. People playing video games over a projector in the 2nd floor dormer. People munching on foods and chillin’ by the fire in the living room. People winning some sweet vinyl.

And of course the bands. Aaron Lee Martin and his 30 strings did a great job bringing the “sad bastard church music”, and Jess of Von Strantz ending the evening. Von Strantz was made up of local volunteers to create a band that was half Lovecow, 1 part oboe, and 1 part Jess Strantz. It was an amazing evening!

Here’s a wild cell phone clip of that madness!

Very soon we will be posting the first few 2014 shows!

2 Years of Radon

The Christmas Explosion will soon be here!


And with every Christmas Explosion comes a full year of Radon Lounge! We’re up to 2 solid years now, and won’t let anybaby stop us from moving forward. The first Radon show was a Christmas Explosion, which started 6 years before. I hosted Christmas parties since 2005 where people walked in and said something to the effect that “Christmas exploded in here”, in case you’re wondering where the name came from.

I am fond of the Christmas Explosion as despite all the problems that come along with Christmas, I still want to hold on to the joy. I want this party to be something people can look forward to every year, especially if they don’t look forward to Christmas itself. I think we lose a lot of that childlike joy as we turn into adults, I just don’t think it always has to be that way.

This year we have two really great bands, plus a few fun activities. I wanted this year’s Explosion to feel more like a party than a show, and I’m sure people who have been to my pre-Radon Explosions will find it to be closer to what they once were. We will be sad that this will be the first Radon Christmas Explosion without the Tinseltown Marauders, but we have 2 really great bands, each traveling a long way to be here. We’re hoping people will appreciate them enough to help us pay for their time and travels.

So be getting your Christmas sweater ready and your potluck recipes, as we’re stocking the TNT higher than ever this year!

Go commit yourself to a a merry good time: facebook event page right here


Don’t be bored this summer!

As we’re coming off our May show with Lucius, Tall Tall Trees, and Derrick Streibig, we wanted to let you know of some of the things going on this summer.

This Saturday, May 4th,  there will be a Family FUN Day at LSCA, a summer camp around Lake Springfield. They will be hosting many great bands including VON Strantz, Micah Walk, Back Pack Jones, Brilliant Move, and more. They will be doing the event rain or shine, and will have other fun activities and ways you can help a really great cause. Check here for more info.

FUNDay Heading

The Horse ShowOf course there will be the Horse Show on June 15th, our first music fest co-presented by Refuge Ranch, which will take place on the Refuge Ranch grounds. Be sure to check out our Horse Show page on this site for more details, we’ll have many great bands to see!

dumbfestAlso June 14th and 15th, The Black Sheep Cafe and Skank Skates will be hosting Dumb Fest for those of you more into the punk and hardcore arts. Later in August they will also be hosting their annual Black Sheep Fest. They have shows at the Black Sheep Cafe all the time, so be sure to check out their site often.

We’ll have more shows to announce as time rolls on, but one more thing really worth checking out is the Audiofeed Music Fest. It’s quickly becoming the goto Cornerstone replacement. They will be announcing many great bands in the coming weeks, it will definitely be the monster central IL fest of the season!


Be sure to check in on the AudioFeed site to keep up with new announcements.

This Town Needs a Horse Show

We’ve been talking about the Horse Show for some time now. Now we’re ready to take it to the next level!

The Horse Show

The date is June 15th. The lineup is done, the food has been arranged, some fun secrets are being discussed, the flier is done, and now we have a facebook event page!

We’ve got some really great bands to play the event, now we just need to make sure we can pay them! This is where we need you. Although the event is free, we still need donations to make it all work. We wanted to do this in a Kickstarter-esque way where people who feel strongly about this event and strongly about bringing music into this area will put their money down, whatever they can afford to give. We only need to raise about $1000 more to cover the event’s needs, which is pretty much just paying the musicians. This is pretty cheap considering the vast talent playing this show. So if you want to know how you can participate, be sure to check out the paypal buttons on this website, and if you’re still not sure, then just send us an email and we can guide you through. All donations are being held by Refuge Ranch until the time of the event. Refuge Ranch is a 501c3 non profit organization, just make sure if you write a check directly to the ranch that you include Horse Show in the memo field.

We’ll also have our donation box out during the next show on May 1st if you don’t want to do the paypal thing, or you can mail it to the ranch. Of course if the donations don’t come in we’ll be forced to pay for everything out of pocket, where you can be assured there will not be another Horse Show. We have a feeling and a hope it won’t have to come to that.

We still have more work to do between now and June 15th. We’re going to be making some sampler CDs with songs from the musicians of the show. We’re also going to work on t-shirts and just spreading the word. If you have an idea on how to promote the show, be sure to get a hold of us. We strongly believe this show can become a beloved annual summer event, however that can only happen if people get behind it. So go forth and spread the word!!!

Check out the facebook event page, and be sure to check out our other show on May 1st!