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It’s gonna be May

27 Apr

Back with the Radon Lounge was a wee lil baby, we hosted this band called Listener and folks drove from all around to see. It was our first full house show.


Listener @ Radon 2012

Now 5 years later we’re doing it again! It’s been great getting to know these guys over the years between sets of Red Sweater Lullaby, that Christmas show, and AudioFeed. Listener is coming back on May 16th and there’s rumblings about a new album in the works. If you haven’t had a chance yet, this is your best chance to hear the world’s best talk music.


Also on the show is Jeff Williams of the local legendary punk band NIL8. Jeff will be playing solo for this show as well as doubling as our featured visual artist.

This will also be the first performance of brand new band Layers, who is Aubrey Puyear (Honey/Suck) and Bloo Parks (Pryss).


Also during the show, enjoy snacks from Milk & Honey Fresh Market, our favorite downtown Springfield grocer.

Hope to see you! Here’s the facebook event. This may be our last basement show until the fall as we’ll be busy with AudioFeed and taking time for family trips this summer.




This October, Cash Cover Night!

2 Oct

October 25th will be our next show, and it will be a cover night! These things are getting very popular as folks enjoy coming out and playing songs by their music heros. So far we have covered Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Cash seemed the obvious next step.

If you want to perform, be sure to sign up ASAP, as spots are filling up. Go on over to the facebook event page for more details.

The Cash Cover Night has a free cover. We also would really appreciate your donations as we’re hoping to do some sound and ambiance upgrades to the Radon over the next year, but don’t have the budget to do it.



Be sure to check out our schedule page to see the dates and lineups for the other upcoming shows!

Christmas Exploded

17 Dec

It was everywhere, there’s no getting the Christmas out of these clothes.

It was a legendary evening with so many fun happenings on literally multiple levels. People playing video games over a projector in the 2nd floor dormer. People munching on foods and chillin’ by the fire in the living room. People winning some sweet vinyl.

And of course the bands. Aaron Lee Martin and his 30 strings did a great job bringing the “sad bastard church music”, and Jess of Von Strantz ending the evening. Von Strantz was made up of local volunteers to create a band that was half Lovecow, 1 part oboe, and 1 part Jess Strantz. It was an amazing evening!

Here’s a wild cell phone clip of that madness!

Very soon we will be posting the first few 2014 shows!

Shows and more Shows

11 Nov

We’re almost in the middle of November, the year will quickly be over, but not before we host 3 more awesome shows!

This Saturday, November 16th, we’re doing something a little different. We have 3 bands lined and a gyro bar from Ayappas international Cuisine and it’s all FREE!


One of our favorite music finds of the summer will be playing this show, FILMLOOM. If you like Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros, or the Soil and the Sun, you’ll definitely like them. Filmloom is a dynamic experimental/ folktronic outfit from the mitten state. They create music that is meant to be experienced; like a film. Their Debut EP: “L i m i t” was self-released through Bandcamp on may 24, 2013, but is now available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, and most of the large online music retailers.

MAYHEW THE TRAITOR from Champaign, IL will also be performing for the second time at the Radon Lounge with their special style of indie rock. Also performing will be JESSICA KNIGHT of Looming fame. Jessica will be playing acoustic and chances are you’ll hear some acoustic Looming.

Be sure to check out more about this show on the facebook event page!

After this, we have Karen Koenig performing on Nov 23rd and our big Christmas Explosion party on Dec 14th!

Check out those and other shows we are working on by clicking the shows page of this website.

Show Coming Up!

11 Jul

Hey folks, we have a really fun summer show comin’ right atcha this Sunday, July 14th!

First off we wanted to tell you about Lowder.


If you’ve been living under a rock in Springfield, you might not know Josie Lowder is probably the best female blues singer in Springfield, and was a contestant on American Idol. She will be performing with her brother Bo and other really talented musicians in her band formally known as the Josie Lowder Band, recently shortened to Lowder. They will bring you the perfect blend of Psychadelic, Rock, RNB, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, and Tribal styles.  Be sure to lookup Lowder on facebook!

laplandgrassSandwiched in the middle of the show between two of Springfield’s best rock ‘n roll bands is Lapland. Those who remember our show with Lucius and Tall Tall Trees will be delighted to know that Lapland, or Josh Mease is another member of that Brooklyn, NY scene. Josh Mease has received praise from many note worthy purveyor’s of fine music such as the New York Times, Paste Magazine, and NPR’s All Songs Considered. Bringing the Wanderland to the land of Lincoln Josh has always found comfort in the solitude of his own thoughts, often preferring the landscapes within his mind’s eye over the bustle of the city that surrounds him. So it seems fitting that in making Lapland’s self-titled debut, he worked alone using whatever was within reach – only rarely using other musicians. Josh Mease has received praise from many note worthy purveyor’s of fine music such as the New York Times, Paste Magazine, and NPR’s All Songs Considered.

You can learn more about Lapland, and listen to their tunes here.

big stormOpening the show is local Springfield feel good band Big Storm. Fronted by the legendary Brandon Carnes, and filled out by some of the hardest working musicians in the local scene, Big Storm can barely contain the energy bursting forth. Inspirations for Big Storm include Jellyfish, fun, The Format, Queen, and Pinkerton. You definitely don’t want arrive late and miss these guys.


During this show you’ll get to see the new look of the Radon stage for the first time. Also we’ll be peddling frozen treats and ice coffee, and we’ll even have some local artists with their work for sale. Check out the facebook event and bring your friends! Shows can only work if folks come to see them, maybe why they’re call shows?

As mentioned before, this is the last regular Radon Lounge show until September. We’re taking a break, but we already have shows in the works for the fall!

This Weekend’s Headliner

18 Apr

So back in January when we were putting this show together, all we were set on was landing a date with this magnificent band we’re about to talk about, we didn’t realize it was also going to be Record store day and another particular day. We encourage you to celebrate Record Store Day. If you want to celebrate that other day, don’t do it at the Radon.

So what magnificent band are we talking about, why Analecta of course!


an·a·lec·ta (n-lkt)
pl.n. selections from or parts of a literary work or group of works. often used as a title.

a three piece post-rock experimental band from south bend, indiana

Sometime last year a Radon Lounge fan clued us into what Analecta was doing over at the Cornerstone Music Fest. Analecta has been a favorite over at Cornerstone the last few years as well as a bastion of the South Bend music scene and is reaching out. Analecta is a 3 piece post-rock experimental post rock band, really reminds us of Explosions in the Sky and just generally being awesome. These guys are actually going to make a lot of changes in the coming weeks, with both lineup and setlists, this will be one of the first shows with their new sound, so you better freak out and get excited!

Check out their bandcamp page and listen to their old tunes (frame of reference), and like them on facebook, and come out on April 20th with your face melting face!

Analecta also just collaborated with Trouper (played our last show!), and Keyoung, you can also check that out on their bandcamp!


16 Apr

Used to when we thought of anxiety, we thought about a mental disorder, or just a brief state of being. Now we think of Lovecow


Will Cody get through the song without freezing up? Is Kristin running off stage? Is Ryan going to finally get through that melodica solo? Will Mitch and Will stay in rhythm? The anxiety just rolls off the stage in waves. Just kidding, these guys can really play. Lovecow is Springfield’s premier folk punk band. If you’ve never heard them before, you’ll probably be amazed at their clever arrangements and lyrics. They’ll especially surprise you with what they can do with no amplification. They play a wide range of instruments including stand-up bass, melodica, guitar, and banjolele. Rumor is they’re adding instruments to their new songs, so if you’ve seen them before, you’ll be in for a treat on April 20th. Lovecow has also just released their first EP, which all physical copies have hand painted covers.

Make sure to check out Lovecow’s fresh new recordings on bandcamp Like them and write creepy messages to them on facebook and COME SEE THEM AT THE RADON LOUNGE APRIL 20th