Next show, March 5th!

Are we already talking about the 3rd show of 2017? I guess this is happening. This year has been so great, we’ve been receiving so much love from our local community and it feels better than ever to keep putting on these events.


This March we’ll be hosting Edward + Jane from Chattanooga, TN. We’ve been trying to get this band in for a bit and just haven’t been able to get the scheduling to work out. We’re glad this is finally happening and what timing! They’re recently released single from their new album is just killer! We can’t wait to hear their indie folk/americana family band style reminiscent to the Oh Hellos. They will be arriving as a 7 piece band so get ready for a nice big full sound and something really great!

Back for their 2nd Radon show is Alex and the XO’s. Some folks may remember this band from Bloomington, IL when they opened for the Strumbellas here at the Radon Lounge a few years back. It’s certainly been a while and this band has been churning out plenty of new music since then. They still have their interesting take on mandolin and ukulele coupled with styles reminiscent of the 90s alternative scene. Can’t wait to hang with them again.


Playing their first Radon show and perhaps first show ever is Kneller. Folks have probably noticed Blaine Kneller hanging at Radon shows lately and other Radon events, we’re looking forward to seeing his band. Nothing is posted online yet, so you’ll just have to come listen to them here.


Keeping with our new focus on community collaboration, we’re excited to be hosting local painter Amanda Greive at this event. We were honored to use one of her original images for the poster for event. Her hyper realistic paintings defy our senses and we really just wanted to get her to bring her stuff here so we can find out once and for all how she manages to pull off these unique works of art. We will be displaying some of her original works at this show.


Also as a part of this event, we’ve got local Springfield treasure Yanni’s Gyros providing FREE BAKLAVA to the guests of this event. We can’t believe how generous they are to be supporting what we’re doing in such a cool way. Everyone needs to eat there and thank them for being such cool community collaborators!

So we’ve got 3 full bands, an amazing visual artist and a local restaurant all rolled up into one great event. Don’t forget there’s also the free arcade and coffee, hope you can make it!

Facebook event here



The Great White North Radon Lounge

Jeff’s story of the time some Canadians took over the Radon.

I woke up the morning of Feb 1st and was drinking my coffee while watching the large pool of water that had gathered on top of a sheet of ice in the backyard. It didn’t look like a very promising day for a Radon Lounge show. Quite a few people on the Facebook feed were telling other people to be careful on the roads.

It seemed earlier in the week this might be the show where we start turning people away at the door from being over capacity, but instead I felt the familiar worries of just getting enough people so the bands felt like they weren’t just playing for a mounted deer head.

I worked hard to get some of the ice chopped up in the back, driveway and sidewalks. I found I could just squeegee the water out from the low places in some of the walkways thanks to the ice.

The Strumbellas arrived early (not something we’re used to). We were able to sound check them quickly and get the Phoenix Sons setup way before showtime, a miracle in itself.

The show was so much fun. The Phoenix Sons blew everyone away right at the start of the show. I know these guys are really great musicians, but this was their first time playing a full set, so didn’t know exactly what to expect. I have a feeling we’ll see them around plenty

phoenix sons
The Phoenix Sons @ the Radon Lounge

After Phoenix Sons, Lovecow played their set. I’m a big Lovecow fan. I really enjoy the honesty in the songs along with the catchy melodies. You just can’t help from stomping a foot. They didn’t play my favorite song, but they played some of their new stuff, just as good or better than the old.

Lovecow @ the Radon Lounge

After Lovecow came a new discovery from Bloomington-Normal, Alex and the XO’s. I didn’t have a chance to see them perform before that night, but they were really great. I especially enjoyed the sassy guitarist along with their songs from their latest album that I had been listening the crap out of on Bandcamp.

Alex and the XO’s @ the Radon Lounge

Finally of course The Strumbellas did a fantastic job. Even being down a member, they still killed it. We actually had one of the largest audiences despite the snow and ice, must be attributed to fans of Canadian bands. I think I heard Simon’s vocal accents and Izzy’s violin in my dreams that night. A touching of the moment of the night was when Simon brought up the kids in attendance to sing along for the chorus of one of the songs. Before they left for their show in Detroit the next morning, they reassured me they would tell people in Canada about the now world famous Radon Lounge. So maybe we’ll have people driving in from Toronto for future shows?

strumbellas pic
The Strumbellas @ the Radon Lounge

We’ve got one more show before we take a break for the new Radon baby. We’ll see you Feb 15th for a Beatles Cover night. Check this show page out for more info on that. After that we’ll be back in May.

Feb 1st Show Announcement, and it’s a big one

We’re very excited about this show coming on Feb 1st. It’s been in the works for a couple months now, and we think it’s time to start telling you about it!

This will be THE SHOW you cannot miss in first half of 2014. This will also be our first show hosting a band from ANOTHER COUNTRY! The other country is Canada, but hey, it still counts.


The Strumbellas

Here’s what the Juno award nominated band from Toronto has to say about themselves: “Hopeful lyrics play across the sweeping bluegrass-inspired indie rock music in The Strumbellas’ new single “In This Life”, from their new album, We Still Move On Dance Floors. Full of hand claps and gang-vocal harmonies, the song stays true to The Strumbellas’ roots, while giving off a feeling that something new is on the horizon. For their sophomore album, the Lindsay, Ontario band headed to the woods of the pacific north west, settling in at Bear Creek Studio just outside of Seattle to record with Grammy nominated producer, Ryan Hadlock (Metric, Gossip, Moondoggies, The Lumineers). It seemed a natural progression for the band, whose dark lyrics about death and solitude crop up amongst beautiful lyrical mindscapes”

Also be sure to check out their sweet and very Canadian music video:

This show will be another exception to the rule that nothing happens in Springfield. How many more exceptions do you need?

Also performing this show will be ALEX AND THE XO’S. A sweet indie from Bloomington/Normal.

alex and the xos
Alex and the XO’s

“Normal, Illinois band who play C86 style jangle-pop with bouncy guitars, brightly burning rhythms, catchy twee-pop melodies and a ukulele–which gives rise to some folk overtones. There’s an abundance of memorable tunes with hooks that will stick in your brain & induce head-bopping smiles, and the band isn’t afraid to crank up the guitars occasionally. But the real star here is the voice of lead singer, Alexandra Fisher, who has the sort of gentle, magically haunting quality that gets under your skin and grabs your emotions– similar to Tracey Thorn or Angie Heaton. Overall, the band sometimes recalls artists like the Wedding Present, Talulah Gosh, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Shop Assistants, the Shins, Beirut, Amanda Palmer, Folk Implosion.” -Charlie Quaker (The Quaker Goes Deaf Radio)

Rounding out the show will be one of our favorite Springfield local bands LOVECOW with their anxiety driven 5 piece “Appalachian Acousti-Thrash-Punk or Something” style and THE PHOENIX SONS who have risen from the ashes somebody must have accidentally dropped on the Radon stage over the past year during one of those open mics or cover shows.

We’ll be working on the facebook event soon. For now stay tuned for more updates on this show plus others coming up for the Radon Lounge. We have a feeling it only gets better from here!