We count ourselves super-duper lucky to have hosted shows for the following folks. Go out from here and check out their work, like them on their facebook pages, buy their music, encourage their art!


Aaron Strumpel

Aaron Strumpel hails from the tribe, Enter the Worship Circle, known for it’s Psalmic-jam-band-hippie-hand-drum worship. No stranger to the wildness of worship, his recent work has expanded on the boundaries of sounds, the fringes of prayer, and has given space to the bellowers, believers, and beleaguered.

In 2009, his “Elephants” record garnered him a win in Calvin College’s Faith and Arts Festival’s Bandspotting Competition and was given the highest ranking in Christianity Today’s feature entitled, “Blood and Desperation.”

In 2011, his “Birds” record put him squarely into focus with a feature in Relevant Magazine and again, Christianity Today loved it, calling it “a gloriously disheveled affair…a holy hoedown!”

In 2013, he’s gearing up for the final installment of these records, the “Buffaloes,” and is in full production mode now to finish them off by the end of the summer.




“Josh Mease has put together one of the strongest debuts I’ve heard this year….Wilderness is beautifully crafted with some lovely melodies and harmonies. Mease has a warm and distinctive voice, and a real ear for arrangements that sound lush without becoming too cluttered. It’s the kind of album I can fall in love with from the opening notes of the first track.”
– NPR All Songs Considered

“Some very good music went down…And Mr. Mease, who seems to love the intimacy and chord changes in Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson’s work, made his case with music that kept alternately settling you and waking up your ear through harmony.”
– New York Times

big stormBig Storm 

Composed of some of the Springfield music scene’s hardest working musicians. Inspirations include Jellyfish, fun, The Format, Queen, and Pinkerton. Big Storm are here to bring the feel-good!






local Springfield legends, the Lowder siblings, Josie and Bo, are back together again and teaming up with local bass legend, Jeff Cunningham, local horn legend, Andrew J Good, and Chris Warren. After a year of solid musical growth, practice and writing, the disbanded “Josie Lowder Band” is back for round two, this time featuring songs from both sibling songwriters and a new, fresh, driven attitude that desires the biggest stages in the galaxy….






Nashville based harpist/songwriter Timbre has been enchanting audiences across the world with her unique harp-based folk rock. Though featured playing harp with bands/artists such as Jack White, Ricky Skaggs, Tom Jones, mewithoutYou, and the Chariot, her solo music is even more breathtaking. Her ensemble of musicians bring complete stillness to crowded bars and festivals, silencing audiences of thousands. The pairing of Timbre’s classically trained voice and harp skills with the dynamic sounds of a talented backing band has left audiences enchanted and moved. Whether performing with a standard band of guitar, bass, accordion and drums, or with a more classical lineup of strings, brass, and even a 20 voice choir, Timbre creates lush soundscapes that pull in listeners of every background. Sometimes haunting, sometimes driving, sometimes unabashedly joyful, Timbre is a musical experience that is completely unique and compelling, reminding listeners that music can move us like nothing else can.



 The Transatlantic

The Transatlantic is an American rock band based out of Springfield, Illinois, which formed in the spring of 2010. It is comprised of Kirk Donley (vocals/guitar), Dustin Sendejas (guitar/vocals), Phil Sgambelluri (bass), and Brandon Carnes (drums/vocals). Their first ep “Small Towns Burn a Little Slower,” was recorded and produced by Dustin Burnett in the summer of 2011. With smooth vocals, steady beats, and a pinch of flourishing on the guitars, The Transatlantic’s brand of windows-down American rock music is both hooky and impressive. They meld Jimmy Eat World-style pop/rock with roots-rock a la Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen in a way that makes their music appealing to listeners of all ages. Atop this canvas is painted lyrics that speak to middle-American/Midwestern life, with recurring themes of big dreams, small towns, and teenage heartbreak. The Transatlantic is road-worn, but not weary, and is ready to deliver their rock n’ roll to listeners the world over.


Lauryn Peacock

A Philadelphia/Nashville transplant from Chicago, Lauryn Peacock has had the privilege of playing with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and the Philadelphia-based indie-rock band mewithoutYou, along with many other great songwriters and punk and rock bands, both local and from the midwest. While earning her masters in the Philosophy of the Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, Lauryn found the time to complete her own full-length recording, ‘Keep it Simple Let the Sun Come Out,’ as well as a subsequent EP. This year-long labour of love, co-produced by Lauryn Peacock and Daniel Smith of Danielson, features songs written over a four-year period and mixes elements of 60s and 70s songwriting with modern rock and pop. Lauryn has since been heard on the airwaves of Philly’s WXPN, in east coast rock clubs, and in house venues and listening rooms around the US. She can now be found enjoying post-grad-school life in Nashville, reading and watching too many rock biographies and documentaries and excited for times back on the road.


Seth Moorman

Singer-songwriter from Columbus, IN. All good music resembles something. Good music starts by its mysterious resemblance to the objects and feelings which motivated it.









Brilliant Move

New funk/rock from central Illinois. Jason Fishburn, Daniel Arseneau, Chase Abner, and Dave Brown bring the grooves!








vonstrantzVON Strantz

brilliant, beautiful and downright soulful. Founding member Jess Strantz, who after many years of being in indie rock bands, decided it was time to start to step up her game as a storyteller, composer and arranger and started Von Strantz in the summer of 2012. She invited her favorite musicians Kelsey Artzen, Nicolas Leatherman, Josiah Gaut, Chad Campbell, Kristen McDonald and Isaiah Brock to accompany her.

Von Strantz’s music is a continuous story of a community of people who are searching for beauty, honesty and truth, in the world around them and most of all in the community they have with each other.

You can sense this greatly not only in their music but in their live performance. With Jess Strantz’s powerful and soulful voice, along with Von Strantz’s catchy melodies, reminiscing of old spirituals, tight musicianship, and unique story telling, you will not feel like you are being performed at, but instead find yourself being invited into their story.


Josh Ehrmann

Independent singer-songwriter Josh Ehrmann writes simple and heartfelt songs on the acoustic guitar and layers loops in a minimalist fashion on the electric guitar. His voice is raw and untrained but pleasantly refined. Josh has a heart to share; he isn’t so much out to impress. His goal is to offer his heart to anyone who will listen and his hope is that those who hear would benefit in one way or another. This young lad has much to learn about life and music and people and he is eager for all of it.








“Luscious, luminous, lilting lullabies” is how the New York Times describes songs by LUCIUS, a five-piece band from Brooklyn, NY.

The quintet’s self-titled debut EP was produced by Tony Berg (Phantom Planet, Aimee Mann, Beck), bandmate, Dan Molad (Elizabeth & The Catapult, Luke Temple/Here We Go Magic) and Steve Wall, and was was recorded in the Ditmas Park house where the band was formed.

In 2013, Lucius is made many lists of bands to go see including NPR Music’s top 100 SXSW bands for this year, as well as Rolling Stone’s top 20.




tall tall trees

Tall Tall Trees 

From New York, New York, formed in 2008, is the musical project of multi instrumentalist songwriter Mike Savino. Often performing on a home-rigged electric banjo sent through an array of pedals and loopers, Savino along with longtime collaborators Mathias Künzli (drums), Kyle Sanna (guitar, keyboard), and Benjamin Campbell (bass) create music that is a blend of folk and rock with the occasional foray into psychedelia.




from South Bend, IN is an effort to create artistic, inventive music in the vein of instrumental post-rock and post-metal drawing on the collective minds of Calvin Maloney, Kevin Kingery, and Patrick Quigley. Previous experience in bands like doctor!doctor! and Sleep Patterns have brought members together to push each other to grow musically and professionally as artists. In the more than 30 shows within its first six months of existence, analecta has had the pleasure to play with bands such as Native; Paucity; Koji; If These Trees Could Talk; Mose Giganticus; Listener; Sohns; Deadhorse; The Reptilian; Into it, Over it; and many more very talented local and regional musicians. Analecta invites you to come experience moving, modern music created live with feeling and exploration from the comforts of traditional post-rock to the outer reaches of non-traditional instrumentation, electronics, textures, and sounds.

traditionalThe Traditional

or Anything But. At a time where most of us could agree that very few artists in today’s music world are genuine in their approach, a new grade of musicians from Buffalo, NY arrive to oppose the general commonality of the underground scene, with their dark, but albeit authentic and heartfelt brand of emo infused indie rock. As their debut EP “You Can’t Rebuild Forever” makes its mark, the honest representation of thoughts, ideas, and emotions will certainly be something that resonates with every listener. The Traditional is a unique example of a band that is able to embrace their musical influences rather than copy them to call it a product. Expect nothing but a raw, high energy, and honest standard from The Traditional on record, as well as in the live setting. Their strides towards sharing their design with as many listeners as possible can only be measured by the integrity of the band’s music and their drive to work as hard as they can to get their message heard. In a moment where the stereotypes seem to have outweighed the art, The Traditional remind us that there is still something very real about what it means to express yourself through music.


The Soil & The Sun

the Soil & the Sun is corn-fed, Michigan-made New Mexican Space Music, or Experiential Spiritual Folk. Originating in 2008 as two-piece, the band has grown and matured into an eight-piece community of friends and musicians. Oboe, violin, cello, guitars, accordion, percussion, piano, and vocals, cooperate to create complex harmonies, layered melodies, and driving rhythms. The careful orchestration and intentional instrumentation will speak to your soul.






Trouper began in early 2013. The band was formed by members Aaron James & Jocelyn Nicolas, who received the peak of their artistic recognition from their former band ‘The La De Les.’ (2011-present) Dedicated to the belief of the unique power of music & its role in international development & human relationships, they have spent extensive time and research in Cambodia & Thailand working on collaborations and enabling young artists and musicians.



Kellen & Me_500

Kellen & Me

transversing new ground with his unique sound that emanates from this one-man ensemble. Kellen plays an electro-indie-folk-rock that evokes a sense of both future and past. His debut album is a blend of old style 1960′s Lo-Fi rock, with High-Fi, philharmonic results.





Mr Nasti

Space-infused spirit lozenges glazed with a hearty gastric bile paste, served on a bed of freshly pickled soul bits










I’m in love with the dark and you are my childhood heartthrob. I will steal away with your innocence on my motorcycle of song and dance!









The Luzhen Defense

In 2007, inspired by an eclectic mix of bands & artists and from punk shows, Eric started writing music on a drum machine & synth. After playing several shows solo, in 2008 his brother Alexis joined. Since then the luzhin defense have been playing several shows in Central Illinois, getting ready for the release of their first album.






Like… With Jetpacks

Like… With Jetpacks started in late 2010 as just another video game music cover band. We quickly expanded into covering beloved movie anthems.  Shortly thereafter we started writing original songs that sound suspiciously like covers.  To hear us is to love us.  We specialize in melting faces at an affordable price.  We are the only band in town with a glockenspiel.





Brian Lee & His Orchestra

We are a little band of three guys that love writing, recording, and arranging. We’re just dorks who love thinking, talking, eating, and hanging out music together. Our only goal has always been to make an album better than our last.





Karen Koenig

Local Springfield singer-songwriter. Blends folk, country, and rock for a unique keyboard driven’ sound.









End Times Trio

Improvised creative music, with textures from subtle pastoral beauty to blustery cacophony.









Austin & Austin

The idea came about during Black Sheep Fest. At first, we were just gonna do street performing stuff downtown. Then we jammed. A couple months later, when Austin (Connelly, not Tate) was promoting his solo set at the art show, Tate was like “Hey, since I’m getting my acoustic bass soon, I should totally play with you” Austin C. was hesitant since the show was soon and there was little time to practice. Then, for when we did become a band-thing, Cody Jones suggested the name “Austin & Austin: The Band” So, unable to think of another name and because it’s kinda catchy, we used that. Our debut show was on 12-21-12, and we’ve been BFFs ever since.


Derrick Streibig

Derrick Streibig is an American musician and composer who is as musically expansive as he is underground. After playing punk rock music in several St. Louis, Missouri bands. On July 20th of 2012, Derrick and his wife Michelle were given a gift from the sky and welcomed little Adelyn Louise Streibig to this world. While taking some time to spend with his family, he has been working on new recordings that will be released in early 2013 and also has started a charity organization called “Let Music Inspire”. In October of 2012 he began playing solo shows again, raising money and collecting instruments with Let Music Inspire.







We are a five-person acoustic folk-punk band from Springfield, IL.
We’re more scared of you than you are of us.









Ami Moss & the Unfortunate

The Unfortunate is a Jazz/Folk/Soul group from Chicago, IL.










Max Simmons

Singer/songwriter, Max Simmons, grew up and lives on the north side of Chicago. Known for his distinctive voice and bold lyrics, Max has been seen at Cornerstone Festival, Ichthus Festival and the Chelsea House in Chicago.
Max has always loved music and listened to music such as Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and David Bazan. He started writing songs in collaboration with his sister, Ami, then branched out to write music of his own. Inspired by the lives of friends and family and his own personal experiences, he started writing stories about love, loss and faith and put them to music.
Currently apprenticing as a mechanic and working on his debut album, Max spends his free time writing new songs.


Jonni Greth

Singer/ Songwriter Jonni Greth spent years traveling the Eastern United States-playing music in every town he visited- before arriving in Nashville. His style, which runs the gamut from spooky alt-country to lush, string-heavy Americana, revolves around his earthy fingerpicking style and warm, philanthropic melody lines. Greth draws inspiration from old hymnals, and from songwriting greats such as John Prine, Leonard Cohen, and Bill Mallonee.








Describing the group Listener, a few years ago, would have involved discussing two guys, a guitar, a macbook, and a washing machine; an explanation that would turn the head of even the most avante-guard fans of music. Listener has now evolved into a full fledged rock and roll power trio with vocalist Dan Smith playing bass and brass, guitarist Christin Nelson behind the monstrous musical arrangements, and drummer Kris Rochelle pounding the skins as if the ghost of John Bonham haunted his dreams. With thought provoking stage banter, music that keeps your mind busy, and words that quickly take hold of your heart, Listener is a near perfect balance of what words and music are supposed to be.


The La De Les

The La De Les is an ambient, alternative shoegaze band composed of family members Cody, Aaron James and Jocelyn Nicolas. The members currently run a coffee shop in Mansfield Ohio.







Caterpillar Club

Caterpillar Club began March of 2012. Wanting to do something different from everyone’s previous musical projects Kevin Bradford, Cory Van Meter, and Kyle Ratliff began to jam on some songs.  What emerged was a heavy, shoegaze/sludge mileau that is loud and agressive.  The band has an EP coming soon and many future shows to play.  Come to a show and think you’re having a near death experience.




Chase Carlisle

I am originally from Dallas Tx. Since then, I’ve spent some time in North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee and now Illinois, but Texas will always be home. Once a Texas, always a Texan right!?! I studied music in college and after I graduated, I went into full time music ministry. I am a songwriter and am really passionate about writing worship music for the church. I love to lead worship! I believe worship is sooooo much more than leading songs on Sunday morning. Worship is striving to live a life that honors our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So, if I am going to lead worship in the church on Sunday, I also need to lead in living it out other six days of the week. I think this is what Jesus was getting at in John 4 when He spoke of the true worshipers worshiping in spirit and in truth. I think that there is soooo much power and potential when the life a person lives aligns with the words that person says. Like most everyone else, I fail all the time! But I’m not going to quit trying!


Sara Swenson

Now finding herself mostly in England and Northern Ireland, the American (Kansas City, Missouri) singer-songwriter brings with her the ethereal folk-pop sensibilities that won over audiences in the United States for the past several years. Comfortable comparisons can be made to artists such as Feist, The Be Good Tanyas, Beth Orton, and Sarah McLachlan, yet she brings a uniquely Midwestern softness and heartfelt authenticity that draws in listeners and keeps them there with her. Accustomed to playing solo on the road as well as at home with a full six-piece band, her sets in the UK are more of the stripped-down nature, creating space for her voice and lyrics to steal the show.


Danielle Miraglia

A strong steady thumb on an old Gibson guitar is the driving force behind Danielle Miraglia’s delta blues influenced guitar style. Add a raw,
powerful, whiskey tinged voice and one might be tempted to label her a blues artist. But while Miraglia’s style pays homage to these blues traditions, her classic rock verve, catchy melodies and eclectic array of song subjects that range from deeply personal to socially relevant give it an original twist that is all her own. A fresh sound along with a sharp wit and a captivating stage presence is gaining her fans all over the map. “It won’t be long before the rest of the country takes notice.” – Performing Songwriter.


Jen Kearney

en Kearney & The Lost Onion are an original band from Boston, MA. The music is a mix of soul/funk/latin/rock often compared to Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway. However, this is a tough group to pigeon hole into a genre and they like it that way. Jen Kearney’s poignant lyrics and soulful voice backed by some of the most amazing musicians in Boston is a musical experience you should have as soon as possible.






Amy Petty

Amy Petty’s sound and songwriting is a compelling, complex and original soundscape that weaves a lush tapestry of folk, pop, rock and blues ballad.

Art, mystery, and spirituality influence and infuse her poignant, evocative and sensual songs. These sonic canvases showcase the heartfelt emotion behind her lyrics and provide a foundation over which her voice and choral harmonies soar. Often compared to Sarah McLachlan, Eva Cassidy, Alanis Morrisette and Jonatha Brooke, Amy Petty has a signature voice and style both familiar and stunningly rare.





Insomniac Folklore

The members of Insomniac Folklore are a band of lovable hooligans that would probably be considered offensive, if only they weren’t so darned cute. At present, the group includes Tyler Hentschel, Amanda Curry, and Adrienne Hentschel, with frequent appearances by Wallace the Musical Sheep.

Contrary to popular belief, the members of Insomniac Folklore have never committed arson or incited any people to riot. If you invite them to your town, they promise to be on their very best behavior, really and truly, especially if you provide them with food. Their music would best be described as Irreverant Anono-Narci-Mono Psuedo Singalong Prepost Unfolkrock.


Kevin Schlereth

Hailing from his Toyota Corolla by way of St. Louis, Missouri, Kevin Schlereth is a permanently-touring folk rock act with heart. Kevin’s music, including his latest release, Don’t Die! Please Stop Dying, invites you to rest in a pleasant balance of intelligence and emotion. Since beginning his touring career in 2002, Kevin has played over 1500 shows across the entire United States. Garnering comparison to a plethora of diverse artists including David Bazan, meWithoutYou, Modest Mouse, Conor Oberst, Josh Garrels, and Silversun Pickups, Kevin has proven to create somewhat enigmatic, shape-shifting music that is bound together with a common appreciation for the way that sound interacts with thought and feeling.
Kevin is currently focusing on playing house concerts as he continues to tour incessantly. House shows provide an ideal vehicle for Kevin’s vision of touring to build community and share life with people. He travels with his wife, Jessica, and their two children, Kevin and Madeline. They are not on a mission for fans or “likes,” they are seeking to turn new friends into family and to work alongside people that share their vision.


Mayhew the Traitor

Indie Rock project in Lincoln, IL






Spoken Nerd

delicious blend of hip hop, indie pop and electronic rock forged in the sylvan hills of Tennessee and home-cooked by Nashville based artist Nathan Conrad.

Wrapped in satire and social commentary with a sweet inner core of hope, Conrad’s musical confections make for a puckish poetic truffle; a genuine hit at any dinner party or romantic evening.








Extremely interested in people. What people are doing, what they like to eat, if they are getting enough oxygen , their names, known allergies. Basic stuff like that.

Hushpad is a shoegaze project from Lincoln, IL





Tinseltown Marauders

Headlined the first show in the Radon Lounge!

Springfield, IL’s premier Christmas band, just like frosty they are awesome around Christmas time and then melt away until next year!

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