The Black Sheep Cafe veteran all ages DIY music and art venue in the historic old south town neighborhood in Springfield, IL.

Black Sheep Radio local Springfield, IL radio program featuring all local music. Airs 4-6pm Fridays on WQNA 88.3 FM. Can also be streamed and old episodes can be downloaded from

The Front Porch Really cool family, hosts house shows similar in nature to the Radon Lounge in Philo, IL (near Champaign)

AudioFeed Festival Summer music festival that has become the official successor of the long running but now extinct Cornerstone festival, many bands play here that have appeared at the Radon Lounge

Refuge Ranch horse ranch that pairs neglected horses with kids and makes everyone happy. Jeff and Cat spend a lot of time out there. Also the location of the Horse Show!

The House Of Black Cat’s art business, make her happy by buying all her stuff

LAL Photography the exclusive photographer of Radon Lounge events

Jasulan Salon rollerderby salon Where Jeff gets his head hair trimmed and Cat colors her hair

Miles TShirts local T-shirt maker, also can do many types of apparel, banners, and other items with your logo or design

Solutions Printing local printer, where we get our fliers printed

The Pharmacy artist co-op and community center on South Grand and Pasfield in Springfield, IL

Cafe Moxo  our favorite Springfield lunch place

Head West our favorite Springfield sandwich place

Illinois Times Springfield news publication, great place to look up local show listings

CP Pinball located in South Roxana, near St Louis, this is probably the best pinball experience in the region! They have over 80 machines at any time, including many expensive classics. They are only open certain weekends, so make sure to check their calendar before heading over. Jeff is always looking for an excuse to go there, contact him if you want a pal to go with.

Playable Arcade Museum in the tiny town of Mclean, IL. This is the place to go if you want to step into an arcade fresh out of 1983. They have a lot of classic machines, as well as a few modern pinballs

The Silver BallRoom a bar pinball experience in St Louis, usually have about 8-10 machines plus a jukebox that only plays punk rock

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