Super Bowl Party 2/5 #BYOSB

So while planning the next Radon Show, we found we were completely detached from reality and booked the same night as the Super Bowl, oops.

But, that won’t negate the fact we have an awesome show planned out. We’ve got just about everything happening at this Super Bowl party, including our new friend Emma Wilson baking cookies for everybody! you’ll just need to bring your own Super Bowl.


We’re really excited to have our friends Von Strantz back once again. Word on the street is they’ll be playing some new tunes! If you still have yet to hear these sweet Nashville soul sisters, then hopefully this will be your chance to right that wrong.


Also on the show will be David Rokos, singer-songwriter from Chicago. David recently released a new album, his 10th overall release, and 2nd solo release, “When You Were Her” finds Rokos hitting his stride as a songwriter with 8 songs that flow effortlessly between catchy pop-punk anthems in the vein of his band Get Well Cards and intimate acoustic stories.


This will be the first Radon show for local Springfield rock and roll band The Good Companions. This 3-piece founded in 2014 out of a mutual love of good song craft and honest live performance.

Arlin Peebles will be here for another Radon Lounge show. Arlin is Studio Show famous here in Springfield, after appearing on the popular local web series multiple times. When not trying his hand at acting, fathering, working, he’s also quite an accomplished singer-songwriter.

After the show we can score up the points to see who becomes the new reigning champion of the competition and who go home as weeping losers, just like all Radon Lounge shows! All shout and all dance as the Super Bowl is here!

Facebook event page here


1st show of 2017

Here we are starting an exciting new year. This show is hopefully the first of many with a new focus on tighter creative community collaboration. And by that we mean we’ll be hosting more than just music!


We still expect music to be the forefront, but hopefully we’ll find many opportunities to present other creative folks in our local Springfield community. First up is Springfield local celeb and poet Johari Idusuyi, famous for reading a book at Dear Leader’s political rally, but also an active poet.


We’re also excited to be featuring an author for the first time. local author Jonathan Meyer and his new sci fi book Cosmic Force. We actually don’t know a lot about this book just yet, but look forward to what Jon has to say during his selected reading segment of the show along with his book display and book signing!

As for music, we’re excited to be hosting Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen an Indie-Americana band based in Champaign, IL. Their recently released their album “Lay These Weapons Down” was recorded by Producer Beau Sorenson (Bob Mould, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Death Cab For Cutie, Field Report, Elsinore). Also check out their recent session on Daytrotter!


Also on the show is local singer-songwriter Ben Bedford, probably one of the most prolific musicians in town. It feels like a sin to not have featured this guy all these years until now. We’ve always enjoyed his performances around town and are thrilled he’ll finally be performing in the Radon Lounge.


Rounding out the show is Mike Butler. Although this is not his first time playing the Radon, as he has many times as part of The Locals/Vonne, this is his first solo performance. Mike will be opening the show so don’t be late!

We’re busy working on more shows this year, hopefully you can make it to one or more this year. We’ve just added a new pinball machine to the Radon arcade and hope to jam as much interesting stuff into each event as  we possibly can. Visit the facebook event for this event here.


5 years down, Looking at you 2017

We’re busy planning 2017 right now and already have show dates announced, lineups still to come. Keep tabs on our schedule page to see what’s coming next.

We also just uploaded the new 2016 Spotify playlist of bands and artists featured this past year. Check that out on our music page.


We’re excited about the possibilities of new collaborations in 2017 shows. We want to focus more on encouraging a more creative local community in Springfield. Perhaps shows will feature visual artists, poets, authors, and maybe even local bakers, chefs, restaurants, and who knows?


Also something to look forward to in 2017 is a new addition to the Radon Arcade, Getaway: High Speed 2 Pinball. The Radon Arcade is bigger than ever with 4 machines!

See you January 21st, our next Radon show, lineup still TBA!