Stranger November

This November we’ve got a pretty strange show booked at the Radon Lounge. We’re excited to bring back Red Sweater Lullaby once again. Some folks might remember the killer Red Sweater set from this year’s AudioFeed when Kris teamed up with members of Listener and Foxhollow. This show will be a solo set, but it just keeps getting better every time we see this band.

Also arriving on a different tour is Kevin Schlereth, Chris Bernstorf and Keyoung. It’s been a good minute since Kevin has played a Radon Lounge show. He was the second touring musician to hit the basement for our 2nd ever Radon basement show and has played a couple Radon shows since. Kevin has really developed his sound and released a few albums since then. This year at AudioFeed Kevin was the only musician to pull off a successful stage dive from the Radon stage. Kevin is well known for his acoustic emo jams and hard to spell name.

Speaking of hard to spell names, on tour with Kevin is spoken word poet and Cornerstone vet Chris Bernstorf. He’ll be spitting some bars and is not afraid to show his authentic faith. This will be Chris’ first time playing a Radon show.

We’re also excited to have Keyoung back since his performance at the Horse Show and then again at AudioFeed. We can’t think of another spoken word/rap artist who speaks the volumes and emotional depth of Keyoung. His sets are always captivating

Also on the show are local rappers Brandon Austin and the MB. When not wrapping at Zach’s Wraps, Zach performs all around town as the Momma’s Boy. The MB was scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s Horse Show, but had to bow out due to an injury, so we’re happy he was able to make it to this time.


Brandon Austin is on the top of his game after just being voted Springfield’s best rapper via the Illinois Times. We were really impressed with his set this year at the Horse Show and look forward to seeing him again.


To keep with the show’s theme, we’re serving up free eggo waffles along with our free coffee and free arcade games! But unfortunately you’re not going to find our stash of chocolate pudding. Check out the facebook event.