AudioFeed 2016 Preview

By Jeff Radon

AudioFeed is almost upon us. Radon will once again run the hipster music stage for Dads, aka Radon Lounge tent stage. The fest runs July 1-3, with a special early day on June 30th.


I look forward to this music festival every year as it feels like a big family reunion with getting together with many of the bands that have visited the Radon Lounge over the years and we get to hang out for the better part of a week.

The nice thing about this fest is there always is something good going on between the 6 official stages and who knows what shenanigans involving ninjas, kangaroos, free water guys… going on everywhere.


Once again we’ll be excited to see our friend-bands Spoken Nerd, Keyoung, Levi the Poet, The Mailboxes, Analecta, Listener, Timbre, 6’10, Hushpad, Sam Arias, Trouper, Nicholas Naioti, Zoo, Kevin Schlereth, Insomniac Folklore, Destroy Nate Allen, Red Sweater Lullaby, Dan Smith, and I’m probably forgetting a few at this moment.


And of course there are plenty of new friends to be made, I’m especially looking forward to checking out ADJY (reminds me of my lost love Anathallo) and the fest doesn’t stop there with new things for me to discover as I’m especially stoked to see Tow’rs, Frances Luke Accord, and Strahan for the first time. I also have to say listening to The Hunts makes me almost feel young again.

The Hunts

AudioFeed definitely tightened up their hiphop game this time, one new-to-the-fest artist I’m hoping to see is Jackie Hill-Perry. I’m not an expert on rap, but there’s just something about her style that screams authenticity.

A couple big standout bands this year are Josh Garrels and Forrister. Josh Garrels may just be the only CCM artist left in the world whose records I may still listen to willingly. Forrister doesn’t have many recordings to listen to yet, but I expect good things and will be excited when they take the Radon stage Friday night. Forrister is headed up by one Bulien Jaker (spelling?), a girl not afraid to express her faith, still create good music, and is totally tearing up the indie world right now.

Josh Garrels

One cannot forget Flatfoot 56. In previous years the Flatfoot set has been a highlight of the fest, bringing cardboard battles, pillow wars, and this year a big ole barnyard hootenanny.

Flatfoot 56 cardboard wars, 2014

There’s plenty of other fun activities to check out. Bring a tent and camp out for the whole fest. Get your tickets Be sure to check out the whole lineup and do your homework as I’m sure I’ve missed something completely awesome.


Horse Show 2016 is almost here

June 18th will be here soon. Horse Show preparations are on schedule. We’ve been building stages, confirming bands, and generally getting pumped.

This year’s Horse Show brings 19 bands on 2 stages. Fun games may include volleyball and bags. We’re also working out the possibility of doing activities with the horses. The new Refuge Ranch property is about 3 times as big as the old place. There will be plenty of room to park and explore, including a pond!

We’re excited about this year’s lineup and the new Refuge Ranch location. We’re soo ready for this that we actually made a map!


Also the final Lineup and Schedule have been announced. This nifty handout that we will be giving out the day of the event does a good job of getting you all that info.


Check out the event on facebook. See you there!