Horse Show 2016 Final Lineup Announcement!

I think we’ve teased out this Horse Show lineup for about as long as we possibly can. Today you get to finally find out about the last 4 bands playing Horse Show 2016!


First up, we’re really excited to bring 6’10 from Chicago. You probably can’t guess how tall the singer of this band is… 6’10 the acoustic project from the guys of famous celtic punk band Flatfoot 56. This band captures the energy of Flatfoot and presents it in a whole new/0ld way.

We’re also happy to bring along our favorite Springfield lofi garage rock band SAP. This band is composed of some of the mover shakers of the Black Sheep Cafe and led by the supernatural Clare Frachey. Check out their video from playing The Studio Show this year.

Also up for the Horse Show is new Springfield folk Sawhorse. Mid tempo folk blending a few different styles of country to include traditional flatpicking instruments with fingerpicking rhythms and pedal steel twang.


And last band to be announced Springfield’s top Guardians of the Galaxy inspired punk  band Starlorde. This supergroup includes members of several Springfield bands to form a band to save the universe.


That’s the last of the band announcements, you can see the whole list on the Horse Show page and the show poster coming out soon. Also check out the facebook event page.



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