Next Radon Lounge show, March 26th

We’re thinking and dreaming about our next Radon Lounge show. We have an eclectic lineup ready and waiting.

We’re excited to once again be hosting indie soul sisters Von Strantz from South Bend Indiana. If you’ve not had a chance to check out our favorite indie soul duo, then fortunately you have another chance.

Coming from Nashville, TN will be Nathan Stiteler and his band. “Nathan Stiteler brings a bit more of an experimental vibe to his music. It’s a folk based singer/songwriter type experience, but there is an additional kick that I wasn’t really expecting.” Matt Hall – No Country for New Nashville

It’s about time Hushpad has come back to the basement. This special little shoegaze band used to be a staple of Radon Lounge shows, but became a bit inactive for a while. Since their last appearance, Matt Welchel has produced a new album and even created a really great music video. Get excited.

Who could forget Springfield’s best video game cover band, Like… With Jetpacks will also be here spreading 8, 16, and 32 bit joy. Let their music take you to a whole new world (a whole new world).



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