Mini Horse Show

Our next show will be June 20th and will be called the Mini Horse Show.

This will be a benefit show for Refuge Ranch, where we usually have our annual music fest, The Horse Show. Although the Mini Horse Show will be in the usual basement.


We didn’t host a Horse show this year as the ranch is going through some big changes. But hopefully we’ll have one again next year.

We’re excited about the bands performing, almost all local with the exception of Bethany Hansen from Mattoon, IL. We’ll talk more about the bands and specifics on the show later. For now you can check out the facebook event page for more details.

Open Mic this Saturday!

We’re excited to once again be hosting an Open Mic. It feels like anything can happen these nights, so many people doing stuff. We have a lot of performers signed who are new to the Radon, and that’s always exciting!

We’re sending all donations raised at this show to the Project Southtown Kickstarter. If you’ve not heard, this project helps our friends at the Black Sheep Cafe, Dumb Records, and Southtown Studios. This is a very weird, unique, and wonderful block of Springfield, and we hope they will get their funds to keep it going.


Also, the official Radon house band Brother Phoenix might be performing for their last time as big shot Chase Abner is just too big for this town. Catch him performing one last time before he gets his chance at superstardom and the fall thereafter.