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WUIS: “Black Sheep Founder Hands Over Reins to DIY Music Venue”

29 Mar

Recently, Kevin Bradford has announced he’s stepping down from running The Black Sheep Cafe. Check out BXS’s article and listen to the WUIS interview. We’re excited to see what Kevin may be doing next in Springfield.

The Black Sheep Cafe


WUIS’s Rachel Otwell did an interview with well loved Kevin Bradford, who has been running Black Sheep for the past 10 years. He recently made the life decision to step down from his post as owner and move his energies elsewhere, specifically a place where people can enjoy coffee and hang out, while still pursuing his lifelong love of spirituality. Kevin will be remaining in Springfield and will still actively take part in our music scene. As for the state of Black Sheep, things will continue to go strong in the wake of his hard work. Check out the interview right here for the full details of what was discussed. From the interview:

Kevin Bradford could justifiably be called the godfather of Springfield’s underground punk music scene. He’s only 32, but he’s managed to help create and feed a culture of do-it-yourself musiciansand their fans in a way that…

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Next Show, April 17th!

24 Mar

Our next show is on April 17th, featuring touring bands Sounds of Satellites and Red Sweater Lullaby. Also featuring are Local bands Honey/Suck and Hannah & the Drummer Boyz.

April2015poster 2Check out their tunes below, and sign up on the facebook event here.

updates Updates UPDATES

9 Mar

We’ve been changing a few small things and a few big things lately at the Radon Lounge.

If you’ve been to one of our recent shows, you’ve noticed we’re not giving out candy! What you may have noticed is missing is the Radon brownies. It was just a lot of work baking complicated brownies before every show, in addition to feeding bands, plus who doesn’t want candy in a dark basement?!

THE HORSE SHOW IS CANCELLED. We’re pretty sad about this one, but that time turned out to be uncertain for a some uncertain reasons. We’ll be setting up a normal Radon show in its place. We will try not to make any jokes about glue…

To add to the sadness, we sold the pinball machine. WHY WOULD WE DO THAT? Maybe it was for a good reason, maybe we’ll find out one day. Or we’re just swimming in wads of cash in a pool of incessant greed. who knows? Rest assured the arcade machine is still here.

We are definitely working on some shows coming up. Something good is happening each month, March, April, May and June are in the works, and then of course AUDIOFEED in July!

For now, check out this sweet new video from the Saudades, who will be playing the Radon on March 21st!