Bruce Springsteen Cover Night – Jan 31st

On January 31st we’re hosting our 1st show for 2015, a Bruce Springsteen Cover Night.

We have a full lineup of Springfield locals covering the boss along with some of their own originals and perhaps other covers. We think these events are great for giving local artists an introduction to the Springfield music scene as some have gone on to play our other shows, and shows at other venues around town.

The show starts at 7 and admission is free. We are asking for donations to help cover Radon improvements, but they are definitely not required. As always there will be free coffee and water available. This is also the first show where we will be serving free candy instead of Radon brownies. Also the arcade is still up for free plays!

BossPosterAlso a bit of trivia, this will be our 40th Radon show!

Check out the facebook event here for more details.