The Radon Archive

Remember that one show with that one band? Was it this year or last year?

If you have those thoughts, we created a page just for you!

TWINPEAKSRADON1Now you can go to the new Past Shows page to check out all of our 38 shows. We’ve listed the bands, posted the flier image (if we could find it), and even the facebook event page.

A link to this page will appear on our schedule and about pages.

The Horse ShowThis seemed timely as the Radon will be 3 years old this December. It was fun remembering special moments from each show as we were gathering all the info. We’ve been doing this for so long, we forgot when we held our first show, June 30th 2011! As always, we have no idea how much longer we’ll keep doing this, but we also can’t fathom NOT doing it. Here’s hoping for many more years of Radon!

For those of you who really need to know everything, we’ve also recently updated the Horse Show and AudioFeed pages on this site with new information for 2015. No lineup announcements yet for either fest, but we do have some dates posted.

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