Kansas Bible Company wants to sell you some jams

The May 17th Radon show is almost here. We’re really excited to bring in Kansas Bible Company from Nashville, TN.

Kansas Bible Company

“The Kansas Bible Company is 12 man wrecking ball of sound featuring a five-man horn line, three guitars, two percussionists, one bass, and keys. Originally from Goshen, Indiana, they now reside in Nashville, Tennessee. They are a culture. To walk with them is to know them. They are on a journey – to the stars through rugged ways.”

This is by far the largest sized band we’ve fit into the Radon, it’s going to be a rocking night with plenty of dancing.

Also on the show is are local sweethearts Loomingplaying the Radon for the first time and will probably kick your butt with their infectious pop punk and Jess’ powerful voice.


And also on the show is Radon veteran Derrick Streibig. It’s been a little while since we’ve heard him, as he’s been fathering a brand new set of twins. He’s excited to come back and bring us another batch of sun-soaked mellow vibes. Here is a video of Derrick from his last Radon performance:

This is going to be a really fun show, plus it’s the first show back in the basement with our new baby. Music festival season starts next month, so there may not be another show back in Radon itself until August. This is going to be your only chance to soak it in for a while. Radon regulars might also notice a few tweaks to the basement, we’re hoping they’ll make the space feel a little more open.

Be sure to check out the facebook event page for this show here

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