Final 2014 Horse Show Lineup Announcement!

Today we finally make that last lineup announcement for the 2014 Horse Show. We’ve had so much fun showing off all the bands for this year, and we’re excited to finally share the full lineup with you today.

We’re very excited about this last band announcement, in 2013 this band put on one of the greatest performances the Radon Lounge will ever see, and adding them to the Horse Show lineup has been exhilarating.

Get excited as The Soil And The Sun are once again coming back to the Springfield area!

The Soil And The Sun

They explain their music as New Mexican Space Music or Experiential Spiritual Orchestral Rock. Originating in 2008 as a two-piece band, the group has grown and matured into a seven-piece community of friends and musicians. Oboe, violin, guitars, accordion, percussion, piano, keys and vocals, cooperate to create complex harmonies, layered melodies, and driving rhythms. The careful orchestration and intentional instrumentation will speak to your soul.

They are definitely one of those bands that defy description or classification. At the Radon Lounge, we try to find music to showcase that breaths new life, new creativity, and inspires. If we were to describe the Radon Lounge as a single band, it would be this band.

With this final announcement you can see the entire lineup along with times on the Horse Show page on this site.

Don’t forget to check out the facebook event page for the 2014 Horse Show. The event is FREE and will include 2 stages, 20+ bands, food vendors, fun games to play, and horses to whisper to. Plus if you know someone who would like to sponsor the Horse Show to ensure its success, definitely get in contact with us

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