More Horse Show Additions

We’re finalizing the Horse Show lineup this week and announcing the rest of the bands! We’ll roll these announcements incrementally in the next few days so we can spend more time describing each band or artist.

Today we’re focusing on local musicians introduced to the scene through the Radon Lounge. When we started Radon, we just wanted to bring “cool bands” to Springfield. Now we’ve been around long enough for bands to start forming organically, mostly due to the cover shows and open mic nights.

We’ve already announced the Phoenix Sons and David Lasley, we’re now going to announce Jordan Bauer and Anchored Souls.

Jordan Bauer
Jordan Bauer

Jordan Bauer doubles as the student ambassador of Lincoln Christian University, and is a very versatile musician. Jordan can be seen filling in at various church bands around the area, as well as playing his own material at special university concerts and other venues. Jordan has brought his special blend of jazz and folk to the Radon stage/carpet a few times now and we’re excited to see him fill a spot in the Horse Show lineup. Jordan will be sure to bring friends playing various instruments to make his set truly something to see.

Also in the list is brand-new singer/songwriter duo Anchored Souls, composed of Meg Todd and Chelsea Beran. These two performed together at the Radon’s Beatles Cover Night, and we’re excited to see these two create original material starting with The Horse Show.

Anchored Souls

Be sure to check out the Horse Show page on this site as well as the facebook event page.

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