Horse Show Hip Hop

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we have a facebook event page up for the 2014 Horse Show!



Plus we’re restructured our website a bit to separate our two festivals we either host or play a part in into separate pages, Horse Show and AudioFeed.

Now, we’ve got an exciting new lineup announcement for The Horse Show. Given we have a lot more spots to fill, we really want to provide a variety of genres. One major overlooked genre would definitely be hip hop, and we’re excited to announce the following!

cooeFirst up, Choo E. Valentine (born Sherman Benard Mason III on March 31, 1987) is a American rapper, singer, producer, songwriter, entrepreneur and CEO of No Fiction Records and Differentia Productions. Choo is also a member of The Black Mothmen, The A.P.P.L.E.S.A.U.C.E., andThe (RE)Minding. He has resided in Springfield, IL all his life. As a young boy, Choo dreamed of being a cartoonist and author of graphic novels. He spent hours honing his drawing skills at his Grandmother’s house but began writing rap lyrics in the 6th grade.”I wrote about stupid stuff. Women, cars, all that mess. That’s what I thought rap was. I didn’t dawn on me that I was even lying.” he says.

bfreeNext is B-Free aka Quentin Winder, from Springfield, IL. B-Free’s mission is to deliver the freedom of Christ with a melody that is Biblically sound. He has been rapping since 2009, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that he felt God tugging at his heart to change his ways and use his music to glorify God. At a young age B-Free accepted Christ, but his actions were not always a true reflection of who Christ was.

“It was a struggle to find out who I was and what my purpose was. I would always rap about money, drugs, or getting girls, but it was all so fake.”

zachayappaAlso playing the show is Zach Ayappa, better known as The MB. If you’ve seen him on stage you would be quick to notice his feel good, care free, loving life style. His passion to entertain you with non-stop stage banter, insane dances, awkward moments and raps, that are then mixed with unparalleled truths makes him a voice like no other. 

djmaydayRunning the one’s and two’s for this awesome showcase is none other than DJ Mayday. He has been spinning music for Jesus Christ since early 2010.  Since he began spinning, he has been able to share the Gospel through Christian Hip Hop on various stages and by DJ’ing for various artist.  “Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through Christ Centered Hip Hop with the youth in our community is my #1 goal” DJ Mayday was quoted saying.

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