Bands in Europe Dream of the Midwest

This coming Monday, April 14th,  we get the privilege of hosting 2 really great bands with members from Sweden and Spain. We’re pretty stoked.

This show will be hosted over at the Black Sheep Cafe, so don’t show up at the Radon Lounge. BXS is located at 1320 S. 11th St. here in Springfield, IL.

From Sweden comes Case Conrad, a melancholic dreamy soundscape appropriate for the April showers surrounding us all. But the sound is swelling, there is hope. Check out their video for Copper Thief below.


Also on tour is King of Prussia. Their members are split between Barcelona, Spain, and Athens Georgia. We’re still trying to figure out how they make that work. Their sound is considerably more upbeat compared to their tour mates, but they still key right into that very European sounding vein of indie rock.


They just released their new album “Zonian Girls”. Here is a brand new video just released for that album.

Also on the show are local bands Meredosia and Full Chroma.  Meredosia just announced a new EP!

This will be a very solid show, especially for a Monday night, hope you can make it! It’s only $5, plus free coffee and food!





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