Beatles Cover Night

This Saturday is the long awaited Beatles Cover Night!

After viewing the magnificent poster art by The Woodland Brush, read on for Chase Abner’s (Phoenix Sons fame) inspiration for hosting this show at The Radon Lounge.


I have a wayward streak. I wouldn’t call it a mean streak. There’s just part of me that likes to buck the system… take the road less traveled… hold unpopular opinions even if they’re arbitrarily conceived. Maybe it’s hereditary. My Uncle Ance says, “It’s not any fun to argue when you know you’re right.”

When I was younger, I took great pleasure in not enjoying the Beatles. Read that sentence again if you need to. Yes, I liked being the guy who dissed the Beatles. Instead of having a reason why their music was bad, I took the more ambiguous position that they’re overrated.  Of course this is something that’s impossible to quantify, which made the arguing fun. Remember, I said my opinions were arbitrarily conceived.

Fast forward to the season in which I began to take songwriting seriously. My teenage angst (and subsequent 90s grunge obsession) gave way to a newfound appreciation for good songcraft, regardless of style. I began examining new corners of the patchwork of popular music. I began wading through sub-genres and following threads that time and time again went back to those four Brits I long disdained. The moptops who opened the door for boy band drivel we see today. The heartthrobs who stole the glory that was due Led Zeppelin or Bob Dylan.

Those masters whose fingerprints are everywhere in modern music. Those crafstmen who did more to change music in just ten years than most artists do in a lifetime. Those muses who have inspired thousands, if not millions, of little boys and girls to pick up guitars, keyboards, drums… anything… and make something that sounds good.

Come out and hear some Springfield performers do their best to honor that legacy by covering, honoring, and maybe even impersonating the Beatles. You’ll hear some really great songs. Perhaps you’ll discover a new local band. But in the least, you’ll be supporting the local scene and that, my friends, can never be overrated.

We hope you can make it to the show, we’ll have free coffee and arcade and 10 or more bands bringing the hits!

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