More Horse Show Bands Announced!

We’ll be talking more about the upcoming Beatles Cover Night on Feb. 15, but right now we have 3 more bands to announce for the 2014 Horse Show!

Check out the Horse Show under the Festivals tab of this site to catch up on previous lineup updates and find out more info about the Horse Show.

First, we are very excited to announce Brian Lee And His Orchestra.

Brian Lee & His Orchestra

We’re excited to bring these guys back again for another show. They are certainly a hidden gem in Central Illinois. Here is their description of what they do: “We are a Three piece referencing 60’s pop and soul to sonically tricked out, sometimes stripped down, heartfelt lyrics about family, heart, and soul searching.”

Next we have The Phoenix Sons. This is a new Springfield band. They don’t even have a Facebook page yet!!! Usually the saying went, take a really cool band picture, then worry about writing the songs. For some reason these guys are doing ok without Facebook, a feat in itself in this modern day. They will be bringing their own brand of indie folk and athletic puns. We at the Radon are especially proud of this band as it has been birthed from Radon Open Mics and Cover Shows, becoming a legit band in its own right.

phoenix sons
The Phoenix Sons

Our last announcement for now is one for the garage stage. We’re very excited to announce Narrow/Arrow.

Although the name Narrow/Arrow is new to the scene, fans already know it contains creative genius Cody Nicolas from The La De Les so this band is here to slay. Blending together what music means to its members, Narrow/Arrow is a vibrant and visceral 3 piece band whose dynamics, playing style, and presence.
That’s it for now. We do have more bands confirmed, but we’re going to keep the announcements coming nice and slow. We’re real jerks like that.

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