Horse Show Lineup Announcement!

Radon shows are currently on hiatus until April, but that doesn’t mean we’re just testing out our camera for the oncoming storm of baby pictures.

April and May show booking is still in the works, not quite ready to announce those, but we can give you 3 more Horse Show bands!

As mentioned before, get all the info, including the announced lineup thus far, on the Festivals tab of this page.

Also if you or anyone you know may be interested in sponsoring or donating to this fest, we would be glad to talk to you. We have posted paypal donation links on this website to make donating super easy.

First up we have local Springfield scummy punk band Soap Scum for the garage stage.

Soap Scum

Soap Scum is that stubborn creamy glaze that coats your shower walls and tub. It’s extremely hard to clean because it’s made up of different things like mildew, mineral deposits, hard water, soap talc and body oils. There are several techniques for getting rid of this multifarious sludge, but prevention is key. Members are Mario Soap, Cory Soap, Brian Soap and Kevin Scum.

Next up we have two for the barn stage, starting with a brand new discovery we’re really excited to see, The Saudades!

The Saudades

The Saudades, from Cincinati, OH, in their own words bring “catchy bass lines and playful melodies, the group lives up to it’s namesake and lingers in the mind of the listener.” We’ve definitely fallen for their catchy tunes, and look forward to hearing more than just the two tunes posted on their bandcamp page.  For those who like comparisons, this band can be seen as similar to Camera Obscura and The Dirty Projectors.

Our last performer to be announced today is a friend of the Radon before the Radon existed. David Lasley is an inspiration, as long as he doesn’t shave his beard. With family committments, David hasn’t had much of a chance to perform many shows, but does have a full recorded album to his name. Here is a pic of him performing with his Dad at the recent Beatles Cover Night at the Radon Lounge.

David Lasley

That’s it for now, we’re looking at 19-21 bands right now for the Horse Show, so there will be plenty more announcements to be make!

Beatles Night a Hit!

Once again the weather was terrible, but the show was Great!


So many great performances, although we did go a bit later into the evening than the usual show. We’ll have to make the hard decision in future shows to book fewer slots.


As mentioned before, this is our last show in the basement for a little while. We’re planning some really great shows for April and May, and then of course our big summer event, The Horse Show.


We’ll make sure to keep you informed as those shows develop. Also look forward to lots of baby pictures…

One last thing for now, we want to thank our friend Jonathan Barnett for the photos from the Beatles Cover Night. Starting with this show, JB will be the media czar of the Radon Lounge. We’ve also added a flickr widget on this page for easy access to Radon pictures!


Beatles Cover Night

This Saturday is the long awaited Beatles Cover Night!

After viewing the magnificent poster art by The Woodland Brush, read on for Chase Abner’s (Phoenix Sons fame) inspiration for hosting this show at The Radon Lounge.


I have a wayward streak. I wouldn’t call it a mean streak. There’s just part of me that likes to buck the system… take the road less traveled… hold unpopular opinions even if they’re arbitrarily conceived. Maybe it’s hereditary. My Uncle Ance says, “It’s not any fun to argue when you know you’re right.”

When I was younger, I took great pleasure in not enjoying the Beatles. Read that sentence again if you need to. Yes, I liked being the guy who dissed the Beatles. Instead of having a reason why their music was bad, I took the more ambiguous position that they’re overrated.  Of course this is something that’s impossible to quantify, which made the arguing fun. Remember, I said my opinions were arbitrarily conceived.

Fast forward to the season in which I began to take songwriting seriously. My teenage angst (and subsequent 90s grunge obsession) gave way to a newfound appreciation for good songcraft, regardless of style. I began examining new corners of the patchwork of popular music. I began wading through sub-genres and following threads that time and time again went back to those four Brits I long disdained. The moptops who opened the door for boy band drivel we see today. The heartthrobs who stole the glory that was due Led Zeppelin or Bob Dylan.

Those masters whose fingerprints are everywhere in modern music. Those crafstmen who did more to change music in just ten years than most artists do in a lifetime. Those muses who have inspired thousands, if not millions, of little boys and girls to pick up guitars, keyboards, drums… anything… and make something that sounds good.

Come out and hear some Springfield performers do their best to honor that legacy by covering, honoring, and maybe even impersonating the Beatles. You’ll hear some really great songs. Perhaps you’ll discover a new local band. But in the least, you’ll be supporting the local scene and that, my friends, can never be overrated.

We hope you can make it to the show, we’ll have free coffee and arcade and 10 or more bands bringing the hits!

More Horse Show Bands Announced!

We’ll be talking more about the upcoming Beatles Cover Night on Feb. 15, but right now we have 3 more bands to announce for the 2014 Horse Show!

Check out the Horse Show under the Festivals tab of this site to catch up on previous lineup updates and find out more info about the Horse Show.

First, we are very excited to announce Brian Lee And His Orchestra.

Brian Lee & His Orchestra

We’re excited to bring these guys back again for another show. They are certainly a hidden gem in Central Illinois. Here is their description of what they do: “We are a Three piece referencing 60’s pop and soul to sonically tricked out, sometimes stripped down, heartfelt lyrics about family, heart, and soul searching.”

Next we have The Phoenix Sons. This is a new Springfield band. They don’t even have a Facebook page yet!!! Usually the saying went, take a really cool band picture, then worry about writing the songs. For some reason these guys are doing ok without Facebook, a feat in itself in this modern day. They will be bringing their own brand of indie folk and athletic puns. We at the Radon are especially proud of this band as it has been birthed from Radon Open Mics and Cover Shows, becoming a legit band in its own right.

phoenix sons
The Phoenix Sons

Our last announcement for now is one for the garage stage. We’re very excited to announce Narrow/Arrow.

Although the name Narrow/Arrow is new to the scene, fans already know it contains creative genius Cody Nicolas from The La De Les so this band is here to slay. Blending together what music means to its members, Narrow/Arrow is a vibrant and visceral 3 piece band whose dynamics, playing style, and presence.
That’s it for now. We do have more bands confirmed, but we’re going to keep the announcements coming nice and slow. We’re real jerks like that.

The Great White North Radon Lounge

Jeff’s story of the time some Canadians took over the Radon.

I woke up the morning of Feb 1st and was drinking my coffee while watching the large pool of water that had gathered on top of a sheet of ice in the backyard. It didn’t look like a very promising day for a Radon Lounge show. Quite a few people on the Facebook feed were telling other people to be careful on the roads.

It seemed earlier in the week this might be the show where we start turning people away at the door from being over capacity, but instead I felt the familiar worries of just getting enough people so the bands felt like they weren’t just playing for a mounted deer head.

I worked hard to get some of the ice chopped up in the back, driveway and sidewalks. I found I could just squeegee the water out from the low places in some of the walkways thanks to the ice.

The Strumbellas arrived early (not something we’re used to). We were able to sound check them quickly and get the Phoenix Sons setup way before showtime, a miracle in itself.

The show was so much fun. The Phoenix Sons blew everyone away right at the start of the show. I know these guys are really great musicians, but this was their first time playing a full set, so didn’t know exactly what to expect. I have a feeling we’ll see them around plenty

phoenix sons
The Phoenix Sons @ the Radon Lounge

After Phoenix Sons, Lovecow played their set. I’m a big Lovecow fan. I really enjoy the honesty in the songs along with the catchy melodies. You just can’t help from stomping a foot. They didn’t play my favorite song, but they played some of their new stuff, just as good or better than the old.

Lovecow @ the Radon Lounge

After Lovecow came a new discovery from Bloomington-Normal, Alex and the XO’s. I didn’t have a chance to see them perform before that night, but they were really great. I especially enjoyed the sassy guitarist along with their songs from their latest album that I had been listening the crap out of on Bandcamp.

Alex and the XO’s @ the Radon Lounge

Finally of course The Strumbellas did a fantastic job. Even being down a member, they still killed it. We actually had one of the largest audiences despite the snow and ice, must be attributed to fans of Canadian bands. I think I heard Simon’s vocal accents and Izzy’s violin in my dreams that night. A touching of the moment of the night was when Simon brought up the kids in attendance to sing along for the chorus of one of the songs. Before they left for their show in Detroit the next morning, they reassured me they would tell people in Canada about the now world famous Radon Lounge. So maybe we’ll have people driving in from Toronto for future shows?

strumbellas pic
The Strumbellas @ the Radon Lounge

We’ve got one more show before we take a break for the new Radon baby. We’ll see you Feb 15th for a Beatles Cover night. Check this show page out for more info on that. After that we’ll be back in May.