2014 Horse Show Lineup

Lineup is finished! Here are the bands and times.

(scroll on for pretty pictures)

Barn Stage
9pm The Soil And The Sun (New Mexican Space Orchestra Rock, Grand Rapids MI)
8pm Insomniac Folklore (folk punk, Portland OR)
7pm VON Strantz (Indie Soul, Mishawaka IN)
6pm Brian Lee & His Orchestra (local vintage folk/rock/blues)
5pm The Saudades (pop/folk, Cincinnati OH)
4pm The Phoenix Sons (local folk)
3pm Yogi Beara (local blues/rock)
2pm Amy Benton (local country/folk)
1pm Jordan Bauer (local folk/jazz)
12:30 pm Anchored Souls (local singer/songwriters)
12pm David Lasley (local singer/songwriter)

Garage Stage
8:30pm B-Free, The MB, and DJ Mayday (local Hip Hop)
7:30pm Filmloom (Cinematronica, Ionia MI)
6:30pm Soap Scum (local scum)
5:30pm Narrow/Arrow (post rock/folk, Mansfield OH)
4:30pm Must Build Jacuzzi (ska, Peoria IL)
3:30pm Until the Hour (alternative, Jacksonville IL)
2:30pm Meredosia (local post/rock/punk/indie)
1:30pm Blind Social (local funk punk?)
12:30pm Full Chroma (local alternative)


The Soil And The Sun


Filmloom (Ionia, MI)


Meredosia (Springfield, IL)


Until The Hour (Jacksonville, IL)

Jordan Bauer

Jordan Bauer (Lincoln, IL)


Anchored Souls (Springfield, IL)


VON Strantz (Mishawaka, IN)



B-Free (Springfield, IL)


The MB (Lincoln, IL)


DJ Mayday (Springfield, IL)

Yogi Beara

Yogi Beara (Springfield, IL)


Blind Social (Springfield, IL)

Full Chroma

Full Chroma (Springfield, IL)


Soap Scum (Springfield, IL)


The Saudades (Cincinnati, OH)


David Lasley (Springfield, IL)

Brian Lee & His Orchestra

Brian Lee & His Orchestra (Hillsboro, IL)

The Phoenix Sons (Springfield, IL)


Narrow/Arrow (Mansfield, OH)


Insomniac Folklore (Portland, OR)


Amy Benton (Springfield, IL)


Must Build Jacuzzi (Peoria, IL)


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