13 for 2013

Jeff was on the 22nd page of a “2013 in review” post, and decided to just do a list so maybe someone would read it.

In no particular order of importance, here are Jeff’s 13 memorable Radon Moments of 2013:

1. The end of the red curtain. You were a good curtain, you definitely brought the color red in a big way.


2. First electronic show with stacks of keyboards, strobing light effects, and a toilet paper gun thanks to Mr Nasti and Runaway

3. Families bring the Radon to a complete standstill with their 3 part harmony and folk instrumental deliciousness


4. Timbre playing beautiful harp music under a tin roof during a thunderstorm at the Horse Show

5. The first Audiofeed happened, one night I got ambushed by a ninja while guarding the admission money, somehow lived.

luciusradon (2)

6. NPR Tiny Desk Concert band Lucius performs at the Radon and I’m awake and it’s happening in real life

7. Local bands Caterpillar Club and Karen Koenig release their albums at the Radon


8. The Soil and the Sun play the Radon, which was incredible, and bonus, they walk with me to work the next day. The sight of the gleaming office building turns them to dust.


9. The first rap was performed at the Radon, 2 rappers on the same night actually. One had a little more experience than the other…

10. Apryl starts cooking for the bands at every Radon show, I start thinking of ways to put on fake shows just so she comes over with food.


11. Brian Lee & His Orchestra become my favorite central IL band.

12. Spent lots of time scumming it up with my friends at the Black Sheep Cafe. Plus I become a guest on two episodes of Black Sheep Radio and talk really awkwardly about Radon happenings.

13. Springfield legend Tom Irwin plays Dylan covers at the Bob Dylan cover night.

And lots of other amazing things happened. I didn’t even talk about all the gyros I ate at the Filmloom show, or the impromptu Von Strantz band at the Christmas Explosion, or the time I hosted that Aaron Strumpel show at a completely different venue, or all the other amazing volunteers who have come on board to make the Radon even better. 2013 was an awesome year for the Radon Lounge, chances are 2014 will be even better.

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