2 Years of Radon

The Christmas Explosion will soon be here!


And with every Christmas Explosion comes a full year of Radon Lounge! We’re up to 2 solid years now, and won’t let anybaby stop us from moving forward. The first Radon show was a Christmas Explosion, which started 6 years before. I hosted Christmas parties since 2005 where people walked in and said something to the effect that “Christmas exploded in here”, in case you’re wondering where the name came from.

I am fond of the Christmas Explosion as despite all the problems that come along with Christmas, I still want to hold on to the joy. I want this party to be something people can look forward to every year, especially if they don’t look forward to Christmas itself. I think we lose a lot of that childlike joy as we turn into adults, I just don’t think it always has to be that way.

This year we have two really great bands, plus a few fun activities. I wanted this year’s Explosion to feel more like a party than a show, and I’m sure people who have been to my pre-Radon Explosions will find it to be closer to what they once were. We will be sad that this will be the first Radon Christmas Explosion without the Tinseltown Marauders, but we have 2 really great bands, each traveling a long way to be here. We’re hoping people will appreciate them enough to help us pay for their time and travels.

So be getting your Christmas sweater ready and your potluck recipes, as we’re stocking the TNT higher than ever this year!

Go commit yourself to a a merry good time: facebook event page right here


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