Big Dumb Announcement

The Black Sheep Cafe, that music venue we talk a lot about that’s not The Radon Lounge, made an important announcement recently:


Although what you may know about the Black Sheep Cafe, plus the logo design, may lead you think think this will be a good place for drug deals, you would be dumb. We at the Radon Lounge are excited about this as it will be a different take on the record store approach that currently exists in Springfield, IL. There are a couple places other than thrift stores where you can buy vinyl records in this town, but this will be the first one to be entirely devoted to the local scene. And by scene, we’re talking about a cool  and safe place for the kids to hang. A place where you can find records (vinyl, CD, cassette, 8track?) from local bands, bands who have toured Springfield, and classics to add to your collection.

There will be music available for just about every preference and we believe this place exists for the love of music, love of the community, and not just to make some money. Plus this should be viewed as a genuine effort to revitalize a neglected part of town. It will be located near 11th and South Grand, just around the corner from Black Sheep and will be opening sometime early next year.

Read more about it on their site

Also don’t forget we have a show this Saturday, we’ll talk more about that tomorrow.


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