Bear Grass on Oct 6th!

Coming up soon is our Oct 6 show with Families, Kevin Schlereth, and Lyssa Barth.

We just made a late addition to the show, Bear Grass! A band that sounds soft, but painful… well, at least the name.


We’re excited as we don’t usually get too many bands really pushing the indie folk genre in these parts.

Bear Grass, from Albany, NY, attracts listeners with the quirky songs of Katie Hammon. Her sultry pipes leave them devastated, but the band’s blend of folk, rock, and homespun trip-hop soothes their wounds. Drawing on influences like Laura Veirs and Wye Oak, the music is sometimes subtly dark, but always thoroughly captivating and melodic.


Bear Grass nestles in nicely with the lineup on Oct 6. It’s getting really hard to decide which fall Radon show is the best, we just give up.

Check out their tunes below, and come to the show this Sunday! We’ll have the coffee pot going (no power outages this time), radon brownies,  plus the free arcade!



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