Radon Art Coming to a Show Near You!

We have a couple small announcements to make leading up to the Spoken Nerd show this Thursday. Tonight, we’ll go with the first one. you’ve probably seen our watermelon heart posters promoting the show.


Believe it or not, those posters are actually based off an original painting done by none other than the 1st lady of Radon, Cat Black! Cat was actually inspired to paint this back at Audio Feed. She sketched it out while watching Spoken Nerd perform, and then we set this show up, the poster design was obvious!


What’s more?? At the show, bring $50 and it’s yours! Of course there is a limited supply of one, so basically it’s first come first serve. As always, all 50 of those dollars will go to support the musicians of the show, as well as provide you a unique way of remembering that awesome night, or this would be a really great gift for someone who might like watermelon a little too much…

As always we hope to see you at the next show, Sept 26th!

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