October Show Announced!

Booking is finished for the October 6th show at the Radon Lounge.



When we brought this image to the printer, they thought it was the Charles Manson family. Although edgy, this is actually Jeff Black’s family, still insane. Can you guess which one is Jeff’s Dad?

This show has two great touring folk bands. Familes is a 3 member folk band from Chicago. They made a really sweet tour video earlier this year. Watch it and be accepted into the family

kevinSchlerethAlso on the show is Radon veteran Kevin Schlereth. His last appearance with us was back in June at the Horse Show. This guy tours all over the the U.S. and has probably played like a million shows. We’ll be happy to have him back for another go around. Kevin has a whole bandcamp page full of songs. He mostly just doesn’t want you to die.

lyssaTo balance out all the folk in this show, we’re also bringing back Lyssa Barth. Lyssa brings her delicate yet fierce spoken word back to the Radon to open this show. This is the girl everyone keeps talking about when she shut down the Radon Open Mic back in February. We doubt the basement will contain her any better than last time.

Starting with the upcoming September show, we’ve made the Radon Arcade free to play, plus we’ll have coffee and radon brownies for sale, along with some other goodies yet to be announced!

Check out the Facebook page for the show, and bring your friends. We’ve got lots of room and as always need your help to support the touring artists!


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