Bear Grass on Oct 6th!

Coming up soon is our Oct 6 show with Families, Kevin Schlereth, and Lyssa Barth.

We just made a late addition to the show, Bear Grass! A band that sounds soft, but painful… well, at least the name.


We’re excited as we don’t usually get too many bands really pushing the indie folk genre in these parts.

Bear Grass, from Albany, NY, attracts listeners with the quirky songs of Katie Hammon. Her sultry pipes leave them devastated, but the band’s blend of folk, rock, and homespun trip-hop soothes their wounds. Drawing on influences like Laura Veirs and Wye Oak, the music is sometimes subtly dark, but always thoroughly captivating and melodic.


Bear Grass nestles in nicely with the lineup on Oct 6. It’s getting really hard to decide which fall Radon show is the best, we just give up.

Check out their tunes below, and come to the show this Sunday! We’ll have the coffee pot going (no power outages this time), radon brownies,  plus the free arcade!



Radon Shirts!

Last time we told you all about the painting you can buy to support the upcoming show at the Radon Lounge.

Also starting the Sept 26 show we’ll be selling T-SHIRTS!!!

$10 a shirt, and following our usual business model, all 10 of those dollars go directly to the musicians performing the night of your purchase!


100% locally sourced and recycled cotton and/or polyester blend makes for a unique canvas of perfect oxidation and completely disinfected design. Both unisex and gender-specific sizing to fit both guys and girls.

The intricate process used to make this tee creates unique reproduction variations to meet the needs of today’s post-modern individual.

Size quantities are limited.


Radon Art Coming to a Show Near You!

We have a couple small announcements to make leading up to the Spoken Nerd show this Thursday. Tonight, we’ll go with the first one. you’ve probably seen our watermelon heart posters promoting the show.


Believe it or not, those posters are actually based off an original painting done by none other than the 1st lady of Radon, Cat Black! Cat was actually inspired to paint this back at Audio Feed. She sketched it out while watching Spoken Nerd perform, and then we set this show up, the poster design was obvious!


What’s more?? At the show, bring $50 and it’s yours! Of course there is a limited supply of one, so basically it’s first come first serve. As always, all 50 of those dollars will go to support the musicians of the show, as well as provide you a unique way of remembering that awesome night, or this would be a really great gift for someone who might like watermelon a little too much…

As always we hope to see you at the next show, Sept 26th!

October Show Announced!

Booking is finished for the October 6th show at the Radon Lounge.



When we brought this image to the printer, they thought it was the Charles Manson family. Although edgy, this is actually Jeff Black’s family, still insane. Can you guess which one is Jeff’s Dad?

This show has two great touring folk bands. Familes is a 3 member folk band from Chicago. They made a really sweet tour video earlier this year. Watch it and be accepted into the family

kevinSchlerethAlso on the show is Radon veteran Kevin Schlereth. His last appearance with us was back in June at the Horse Show. This guy tours all over the the U.S. and has probably played like a million shows. We’ll be happy to have him back for another go around. Kevin has a whole bandcamp page full of songs. He mostly just doesn’t want you to die.

lyssaTo balance out all the folk in this show, we’re also bringing back Lyssa Barth. Lyssa brings her delicate yet fierce spoken word back to the Radon to open this show. This is the girl everyone keeps talking about when she shut down the Radon Open Mic back in February. We doubt the basement will contain her any better than last time.

Starting with the upcoming September show, we’ve made the Radon Arcade free to play, plus we’ll have coffee and radon brownies for sale, along with some other goodies yet to be announced!

Check out the Facebook page for the show, and bring your friends. We’ve got lots of room and as always need your help to support the touring artists!


Capitalism-Free Radon Arcade!

Hey guys, just wanted to mention that from now on our arcade is free to play when you come to Radon Shows!


We were collecting quarters at the arcade to help raise money for the musicians. We’ve decided we would rather people just have fun. We have plenty of other ways at our shows to support the musicians. One more thing to look forward to when you’re immersed in Radon goodness!

Your next chance to check out our arcade will be Sept 26th!

If you haven’t yet, check out our arcade page to find out exactly what all our arcade has to offer.