Aaron Strumpel, in da house

We’re very excited to bring Aaron Strumpel into town on August 14th.

We’re also excited to be working with Lakeside Christian Church to host this event. As announced earlier, we are not hosting a show at the Radon Lounge this August. We had thought it would be too hot, oh well… This is a cool new opportunity for both of us however as this is Lakeside’s first attempt at hosting this type of show. If this makes you excited, come out and participate, and there will be more to follow!


Aaron Strumpel hails from the tribe, Enter the Worship Circle, known for it’s Psalmic-jam-band-hippie-hand-drum worship. No stranger to the wildness of worship, his recent work has expanded on the boundaries of sounds, the fringes of prayer, and has given space to the bellowers, believers, and beleaguered.

In 2009, his “Elephants” record garnered him a win in Calvin College’s Faith and Arts Festival’s Bandspotting Competition and was given the highest ranking in Christianity Today’s feature entitled, “Blood and Desperation.”

In 2011, his “Birds” record put him squarely into focus with a feature in Relevant Magazine and again, Christianity Today loved it, calling it “a gloriously disheveled affair…a holy hoedown!”

In 2013, he’s gearing up for the final installment of these records, the “Buffaloes,” and is in full production mode now to finish them off by the end of the summer.

We’re excited to bring Aaron Strumpel to Springfield. Opening the show will be local musicians you’ve probably seen around the Radon, particularly some members of Brilliant Move.

This show is at Lakeside Christian Church, 225 Toronto Rd, Springfield, IL so don’t come to the Radon Lounge.


Check out the facebook event for the event to get all the updates. You can find Aaron’s music for a limited time on Noisetrade. He’s also out there on Spotify, as well as Bandcamp