The Horse Show, It Happened!

Just going to say, we were really nervous about the Horse Show. The odds were against it with 2 other great fests going on the same day, plus rain and storms, but it happened!


We were pretty worried with the weather forecast if enough people would even come where we could make maybe half of the money we needed to pay the musicians, especially considering this was our first attempt at something this big, but it happened! We were so happy to see the brave folks who made it out. Many generous donations came together and we didn’t actually have to pay anything out of pocket to make this show happen! This of course was going to help us determine if this would actually become a true annual event. With the help of everyone, including volunteers, artists, and fans, we can safely say there will be a second annual Horse Show!

Just wanted to let you know how excited we are! It was exhausting work to put this on, but we loved every minute of it. So many great stories were shared, and songs were sang. The owners of Refuge Ranch were overjoyed bye the whole experience. All the musicians we talked to really expressed how they loved playing the show. It seems we had an idea of what the Horse Show would mean for everyone, and then it was cranked to 11.

What are your thoughts on the Horse Show?

Who do you want to see in 2014?

We want to hear from you!

Be sure to keep checking our shows page as we’ll be working on more summer shows and beyond for the Radon Lounge!

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