Horse Show in 11 Hours

14 Jun

Get to sleep tomorrow is a big day, Timbre is on her way from Nashville!


Slight change to the lineup. We Are Warm has become Derrick Streibig, and they are switching places in the lineup with The Transatlantic. Here’s the lineup with times!

9pm Timbre
8pm The Transatlantic
7pm Hushpad
6pm VON Strantz
5pm Derrick Streibig
4pm Lauryn Peacock
3pm Josh Ehrmann
2pm Worship Set (local worship minister coalition)
1pm Seth Moorman
12pm Insomniac Folklore
11am Kevin Schlereth
10am Brilliant Move

Come out and enjoy yourself!


One Response to “Horse Show in 11 Hours”

  1. Muira Puama, che è stato utilizzato in Europa e in Sud America per centinaia di anni, durezza di pene aumenta notevolmente, libido e aiuta con problemi di impotenza.

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