Not Just Music at the Horse Show!

If you’re one of those folks who find 12 hours of music a little daunting, we totally understand. It takes years of meticulous musical geekery to obtain such an endurance. Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do at the Horse Show this Saturday!


For starters, there is food! Ayappa’s International Cuisine from White Oaks Mall will be offering gyros, falafel, cheeseburgers, and fries. We’re excited to get our pitas around their delightful hunks of lamb. (there was nothing wrong with that sentence, it just doesn’t sound right)


For the kids Refuge Ranch maintains a playground for them to live out their adventures as traveling bards and modern day starved musicians hanging on for dear life. Also expect face painting, or in this case, every kid needs a mustache!


We’ll have outdoor activities such as sand volleyball, and Mondo Croquet. Be sure to bring your own bowling ball or you can buy one of ours! If organized things are not your interest, then bring a hula hoop, or buy one from our friend Apryl! There will be enough green space for those of the frisbee tossing persuasion, or even football if you insist.

Also there will be a few local artists displaying their works, plenty of musician merch for sale, and of course the ever popular donation box! We can’t get enough of donation boxes!!!

Tinas_Pics_008.10751031_std_1_-234x170Of course we can’t forget the main attraction of the whole event, the Refuge Ranch horses! (and goats, but whatever). One could probably spend the whole day talking to our fine equines, learning the language of their people!

“But what if it rains, what if it storms, should I quiver in fear in my house in the fetal position” you say? Although some of these activities might not be as fun, the stage is in the barn. Nothing short of a tornado is going to stop our resolve to bring you one of the finest musical displays the Springfield countryside has ever seen!

For more info about the Horse Show, check the Horse Show page on this site, and the Facebook Event!

The Horse Show

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