Exactly a Month Away!

A month from today we’ll all be enjoying music and horses, at the same time.

We just finished making the sampler CDs. If you can get your hands on one, you can hear a song from everyone who’s playing the show! There will be about 100 of these suckers floating around. If you happen to get one, listen to it and then pass it on!

Horse Show CDs

Pretty much all of the major details of the Horse Show has been announced, but we still have yet to show you the T-shirts we’ll have for sale! Also don’t forget to donate! We really need some funds or musicians will be wearing potato sacks for a while. If you’re not sure what to donate, we’re guessing the usual rate for a show like this would be $15 (or millions, who can put a price on this awesome stuff, really!). But of course don’t feel too guilty if you can’t afford it, as we would much rather you be at the fest and have fun. If you’re one of those rich plutocrat types, you could think about paying more so other folks won’t have to!

If you want to donate now, check out the paypal buttons on this site, they all link directly to Refuge Ranch’s account, so your money won’t even grace the hands of sleazy show promoters!


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