May is coming soon, like in Tomorrow! Also tomorrow is our May show at The Radon Lounge. And boy oh boy what a show it will be! Lucius, Tall Tall Trees, and Derrick Streibig!

We wanted to take a moment to talk about a couple of the acts that will be on the show today, those being Tall Tall Trees and Derrick Streibig

tall tall trees

Tall Tall Trees is Mike Savino and his band from New York, New York. However when they play at the Radon Lounge, it will just be Mike and his heavily modified electric banjo. While listening to the recordings from this band we get the feeling they can do wide variety of things with their clever arrangements centered around the banjo. Sometimes we picture Mike Savino as a thinner Zach Galifianakis with hilarious subtlety with seemingly normal but outrageous scenarios in songs like “The Girl from the Chinese Food Restaurant” and “Crazy Driver”.

But those songs are more of the hidden gems, Tall Tall Trees really shines when it comes to songs like “Highwire”. With Highwire, they show they can really hold their own with anything going on in indie music of the current day. Right as soon as you have them pegged, they throw a curve ball with a slight hoedown, taking full advantage of the banjo, in “Waiting on the Day”. Mike Savino by himself would put on a memorable show at the Radon Lounge, but grouped with the other stellar artists of the evening, we can’t think of a better show happening in Springfield this spring.

You can find Tall Tall Trees’ music everywhere including Spotify and Bandcamp. Also you should be able to pick up some merch from them at the show!

Our opener of the evening will be local favorite Derrick Streibig. Derrick is still fairly recent to the Springfield scene, since moving here from St Louis in the last few years.


Having spent a lot of time in various St Louis scenes, Derrick wows Springfield crowds quickly. More than once we have seen him impress folks who thought they were coming out to see just another green musician picking up an acoustic guitar. As soon as you hear his voice, it’s obvious he has been doing this for a long time. Derrick’s style is best described to be trance-like  particularly with his go to single “Always Peace”. Sometimes when listening to music, it’s best to picture a particular setting, like Bon Iver playing in a lonely cabin during winter time. Derrick is best visualized at the end of a hot summer day on the ocean beach, the setting sun throwing silhouettes of the people around you. We understand that this is hard to visualize for mid-westerners, fortunately Derrick will help us with this.

Derrick’s solo album, as well as his band We Are Warm, both have music available on bandcamp! We Are Warm is recording new material and will be one of our top acts at The Horse Show this summer!

Be sure to check out both Derrick Streibig and Tall Tall Trees at our May 1st show with Lucius! Check out the facebook event for more details!

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