This Town Needs a Horse Show

We’ve been talking about the Horse Show for some time now. Now we’re ready to take it to the next level!

The Horse Show

The date is June 15th. The lineup is done, the food has been arranged, some fun secrets are being discussed, the flier is done, and now we have a facebook event page!

We’ve got some really great bands to play the event, now we just need to make sure we can pay them! This is where we need you. Although the event is free, we still need donations to make it all work. We wanted to do this in a Kickstarter-esque way where people who feel strongly about this event and strongly about bringing music into this area will put their money down, whatever they can afford to give. We only need to raise about $1000 more to cover the event’s needs, which is pretty much just paying the musicians. This is pretty cheap considering the vast talent playing this show. So if you want to know how you can participate, be sure to check out the paypal buttons on this website, and if you’re still not sure, then just send us an email and we can guide you through. All donations are being held by Refuge Ranch until the time of the event. Refuge Ranch is a 501c3 non profit organization, just make sure if you write a check directly to the ranch that you include Horse Show in the memo field.

We’ll also have our donation box out during the next show on May 1st if you don’t want to do the paypal thing, or you can mail it to the ranch. Of course if the donations don’t come in we’ll be forced to pay for everything out of pocket, where you can be assured there will not be another Horse Show. We have a feeling and a hope it won’t have to come to that.

We still have more work to do between now and June 15th. We’re going to be making some sampler CDs with songs from the musicians of the show. We’re also going to work on t-shirts and just spreading the word. If you have an idea on how to promote the show, be sure to get a hold of us. We strongly believe this show can become a beloved annual summer event, however that can only happen if people get behind it. So go forth and spread the word!!!

Check out the facebook event page, and be sure to check out our other show on May 1st!

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