This Weekend’s Headliner

So back in January when we were putting this show together, all we were set on was landing a date with this magnificent band we’re about to talk about, we didn’t realize it was also going to be Record store day and another particular day. We encourage you to celebrate Record Store Day. If you want to celebrate that other day, don’t do it at the Radon.

So what magnificent band are we talking about, why Analecta of course!


an·a·lec·ta (n-lkt)
pl.n. selections from or parts of a literary work or group of works. often used as a title.

a three piece post-rock experimental band from south bend, indiana

Sometime last year a Radon Lounge fan clued us into what Analecta was doing over at the Cornerstone Music Fest. Analecta has been a favorite over at Cornerstone the last few years as well as a bastion of the South Bend music scene and is reaching out. Analecta is a 3 piece post-rock experimental post rock band, really reminds us of Explosions in the Sky and just generally being awesome. These guys are actually going to make a lot of changes in the coming weeks, with both lineup and setlists, this will be one of the first shows with their new sound, so you better freak out and get excited!

Check out their bandcamp page and listen to their old tunes (frame of reference), and like them on facebook, and come out on April 20th with your face melting face!

Analecta also just collaborated with Trouper (played our last show!), and Keyoung, you can also check that out on their bandcamp!

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