Time to Find the Ol’ Cassette Deck

This week we’ve been talking about the bands who will be playing the Radon Lounge this Saturday. Today is gonna be all about Caterpillar Club.


Caterpillar Club is a local 3 piece, composed of veteran Springfield players, including Kevin Bradford and Cory VanMeter who oversee a lot of what goes on at the Black Sheep Cafe. Like most bands that play at the Radon Lounge, Caterpillar Club is hard to describe, as they blend a lot of influences from sludge, shoegaze, and post rock. Keeping with usual post rock sensibilities, their songs are instrumental only, but once you let it immerse you, you’ll understand that lyrics are not always necessary. Caterpillar Club describes their music as “a weird space station full of an ocean”. They have been a band for about a year now, although the members are in other bands as well, and have been for many years, this is more about pursuing a passion and seeing where it takes them. This is their second performance here at the Radon, as last year they opened for Listener. They were well liked last time, and we feel they’ll be even better now. They have some recordings out on their bandcamp page, and they are doing a CASSETTE TAPE Release during this show! If you don’t know what cassette tapes are, then you need to be more cool.

Be sure to check out their bandcamp to listen to their tracks! Be very sure to like them on facebook! Be without a doubt, brutally honestly sure to come check them out this Saturday at the Radon Lounge!

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