Used to when we thought of anxiety, we thought about a mental disorder, or just a brief state of being. Now we think of Lovecow


Will Cody get through the song without freezing up? Is Kristin running off stage? Is Ryan going to finally get through that melodica solo? Will Mitch and Will stay in rhythm? The anxiety just rolls off the stage in waves. Just kidding, these guys can really play. Lovecow is Springfield’s premier folk punk band. If you’ve never heard them before, you’ll probably be amazed at their clever arrangements and lyrics. They’ll especially surprise you with what they can do with no amplification. They play a wide range of instruments including stand-up bass, melodica, guitar, and banjolele. Rumor is they’re adding instruments to their new songs, so if you’ve seen them before, you’ll be in for a treat on April 20th. Lovecow has also just released their first EP, which all physical copies have hand painted covers.

Make sure to check out Lovecow’s fresh new recordings on bandcamp Like them and write creepy messages to them on facebook and COME SEE THEM AT THE RADON LOUNGE APRIL 20th

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