Be Prepared

We have a big show coming up this Saturday, lots of cool stuff will be happening, lots of face melting.

We want to talk about each band this week as we wanted to make sure you knew what you are getting yourself into.

Today, we’re going to focus on The Traditional, from Buffalo, NY.


We’ll admit that we don’t know a lot about this band. They are on tour with Analecta and they are definitely high energy, reminds us of Anberlin or if you’ve been following the local scene: Up In Arms, Kickstart, or With You In Mind. They describe their sound as “dark, but authentic and heartfelt brand of emo infused indie rock”. We would say they definitely have their own sound, and you should especially check out their single “You Can’t Rebuild Forever” on spotify, bandcamp, amazon, and itunes. They are certainly coming a long way to be here and will be the first band from the state of New York to appear at the Radon Lounge, although looking at the next show, this seems to be the hip new thing. Be sure to check out their facebook page, and their bandcamp, and as we mentioned, you can find their music just about everywhere.

We hope you can come see them this Saturday April 20th, right here at the Radon Lounge! Check out the facebook event for more info!

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