Big Show Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a show we’ve been excited about for a while. The Soil & The Sun, Kellen & Me, and Trouper. All three could headline any of our shows, but to have them all in one night? No moderation in this house.


The Soil & The Sun has been making waves recently by getting nominated by NPR as one of 100 artists to discover this year at SXSW. Both Soil & the Sun and Kellen & Me played shows at SXSW this year and have been on tour since. Soil & the Sun, a beautiful swirling mass of bodies and sound from Grand Rapids, MI. They could be classified as New Mexican Space Music/Experiential Spiritual Folk-Rock, or people can compare them to Gungor or The Arcade Fire all day, but once you see them you’ll be too speechless to discuss.

Kellen & Me_500

KELLEN & ME is transversing new ground with his unique sound that emanates from this one-man ensemble. Kellen plays an electro-indie-folk-rock that evokes a sense of both future and past. His debut album is a blend of old style 1960’s Lo-Fi rock, with High-Fi, philharmonic results.


TROUPER Trouper began in early 2013. The band was formed by members Aaron James & Jocelyn Nicolas, who received the peak of their artistic recognition from their former band ‘The La De Les.’ (2011-present) Dedicated to the belief of the unique power of music & its role in international development & human relationships, they have spent extensive time and research in Cambodia & Thailand working on collaborations and enabling young artists and musicians.

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