And Now…


This is the huge announcement we’ve been anxiously waiting to make!

On May 1, Lucius, Tall Tall Trees, and Derrick Streibig will be performing at the Radon Lounge!

No really, we’re not kidding, they are actually playing at the Radon Lounge!



“Luscious, luminous, lilting lullabies” is how the New York Times describes songs by LUCIUS, a five-piece band from Brooklyn, NY.

The quintet’s self-titled debut EP was produced by Tony Berg (Phantom Planet, Aimee Mann, Beck), bandmate, Dan Molad (Elizabeth & The Catapult, Luke Temple/Here We Go Magic) and Steve Wall, and was was recorded in the Ditmas Park house where the band was formed.

Lucius made a major splash this year at SXSW getting press with just about every possible music news organization, including NPR Music’s top 100 SXSW bands, as well as Rolling Stone’s top 20. Lucius has even played the tiny desk at NPR, which you can see here.

Touring with Lucius is TALL TALL TREES  formed in 2008, is the musical project of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Mike Savino. Often performing on a home-rigged electric banjo sent through an array of pedals and loopers, Savino along with longtime collaborators Mathias Künzli (drums), Kyle Sanna (guitar, keyboard), and Benjamin Campbell (bass) create music that is a blend of folk and rock with the occasional foray into psychedelia.

tall tall trees

You can find out more about them at Be sure to check out their Birthday Party here.

Of course to go along with this national caliber of musical fortitude, we decided we couldn’t pull any punches and also brought in Springfield’s own Derrick Streibig to complete this show. DERRICK STREIBIG is an American musician and composer who is as musically expansive as he is underground. After playing punk rock music in several St. Louis, Missouri bands. On July 20th of 2012, Derrick and his wife Michelle were given a gift from the sky and welcomed little Adelyn Louise Streibig to this world. While taking some time to spend with his family, he has been working on new recordings that will be released in early 2013 and also has started a charity organization called “Let Music Inspire”. In October of 2012 he began playing solo shows again, raising money and collecting instruments with Let Music Inspire. Derrick currently fronts the St. Louis experimental rock project We Are Warm as well as his self titled solo project. Find out more about Derrick here.

We’re not sure why all these folks want to come to our modest basement in our modest town where nothing happens and everyone wants to move away. These folks are certainly far and above the house show circuit. Perhaps this is a hint at things to come?

Check out the facebook event for more details!



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