Now for what you’ve all been waiting for! DONATING MONEY TO THE RADON LOUNGE!!!!

More specifically, donating to the HORSE SHOW, a solid summer day of sweet sweet music and horses!

Think of it as Kickstarter project, only without kickstarter. We hope to raise enough money ahead of time to make the actual event FREE to the public! Basically if you believe in the Horse Show (a 1 day music event fueled by very talented and inspiring music to enrich our community), you get a chance to show your support! All donations through this website are processed by Paypal and are held by Refuge Ranch, the organization and location co-hosting the event!


We need $1400 to host the event, almost all of which is to pay the musicians. We currently have raised about $350, so we still have quite a bit of ground to cover.

The event is June 15 and you can check out the lineup by clicking on the Horse Show up top, so check out our donation button on this site and feel free to throw a few bucks our way!

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