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New Horse Show Band!

27 Feb

Have you heard about this Horse Show thing? I think it’s going to be a big deal…

New Horse Show band Announcement! WITH YOU IN MIND will be playing on June 15th at Refuge Ranch, we can’t wait


Another super great Central IL band. If you’re into bands like Yellowcard, Paramore, Boys Like Girls, Mae, etc, then you’ll love them! If not, you’ll love them! You’ll want to take them home with you and spoon feed them for the rest of your life. Check out their stuff here:

Be sure to check out the Horse Show Page to see the rest of the bands, and we’re still not done announcing the lineup yet! I told you this was a big deal, you’ll believe it someday, and when you do, it will feel good.


The Soil and the Sun

24 Feb

We’re adding a new show in April, breaking our 1 show a month rule. We’re extremely grateful to host three such beautiful talented bands in one night, each one by itself being enough to inspire new life into anyone who experiences them. We don’t know how this happened, but it is happening April 4th here at the Radon Lounge!


THE SOIL & THE SUN are a beautiful swirling mass of bodies and sound from Grand Rapids, MI. They could be classified as New Mexican Space Music/Experiential Spiritual Folk-Rock, or people can talk all day how they are like Gungor, but once you see them you’ll be too speechless to discuss.

Kellen & Me is transversing new ground with his unique sound that emanates from this one-man ensemble. Kellen plays an electro-indie-folk-rock that evokes a sense of both future and past. His debut album is a blend of old style 1960’s Lo-Fi rock, with High-Fi, philharmonic results.

TROUPER began in early 2013. The band was formed by members Aaron James & Jocelyn Nicolas, who received the peak of their artistic recognition from their former band ‘The La De Les.’ (2011-present) Dedicated to the belief of the unique power of music & its role in international development & human relationships, they have spent extensive time and research in Cambodia & Thailand working on collaborations and enabling young artists and musicians.


21 Feb

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for! DONATING MONEY TO THE RADON LOUNGE!!!!

More specifically, donating to the HORSE SHOW, a solid summer day of sweet sweet music and horses!

Think of it as Kickstarter project, only without kickstarter. We hope to raise enough money ahead of time to make the actual event FREE to the public! Basically if you believe in the Horse Show (a 1 day music event fueled by very talented and inspiring music to enrich our community), you get a chance to show your support! All donations through this website are processed by Paypal and are held by Refuge Ranch, the organization and location co-hosting the event!


We need $1400 to host the event, almost all of which is to pay the musicians. We currently have raised about $350, so we still have quite a bit of ground to cover.

The event is June 15 and you can check out the lineup by clicking on the Horse Show up top, so check out our donation button on this site and feel free to throw a few bucks our way!

New Bands Page!

18 Feb

Check out the new Bands page up top to see all the folks who have previously performed at the Radon Lounge!


Open Mic Coming up!!!

17 Feb

Hey have you guys seen the new open mic coming up on March 2? The lineup is already full!!!! So many talented folks crammed into 3 glorious hours. We have lots of different stuff going on: poets, readings, music, comedy and even full bands!


The show is free, but we are hoping to raise some money for the Horse Show in June, a show that we hope will become an annual big deal!

We also have another lineup announcement for the Horse Show, but that will be another day…


8 Feb

Hey we have updated the Horse Show page with some sweet new lineup additions!

You should already be checking this out.

Mondays don’t have to be boring

7 Feb

Do not be bored this Monday, we have an exciting show where you’ll want to dance, geek out, and stare at the floor!!!