Big Show this September

8 Sep

We’re excited, today is the day we announce our September show!

Come throw yourself into a hole in the plains to hear Empires, a huge indie rock band making the national festival rounds as well as the David Letterman show. Also, Sick/Sea (from Texas) and The Phoenix Sons along for the ride.


Why is this show happening in a basement in Springfield, IL? Don’t question it, just be there. Facebook event is here.

We’ll talk more about how awesome these bands are in a future post, but for now, check out the details on Facebook and watch this music video.


Radon Garden Party

21 Aug

This Saturday, 8/23/2014, is the Radon Garden Party where we show off the backyard garden. Music will still be in the basement of course, but you can also pick vegetables. You can even bring some if you have extra, to share with others.


We’re excited to bring in 4 awesome acts to this garden party. Zaxxson Nation has started a new soul/funk band, which we expect will be a ton of fun. Also Aubrey is slinging poetry as Honey/Suck.


From out of town we are once again bringing back Filmloom from Grand Rapids, MI. They are an electronic duo making music that is beyond description. Folktronic, cinematronic, animatronic? You might think. They’re gearing up to release their first full length album and we absolutely cannot wait. Hear some cuts from their aging EP and get ready for a show that’s so much more.

Also traveling in (from L.A. CA) is Clarke Edward Andros. He was on his way to a Daytrotter recording session and some how got tangled up in our garden. We enjoy his special brand of folk and figure you will to.

There is a lot going on in this garden party. The arcade machines are set to free play as usual. Also offered for free are cold coffee and ice pops will make for a special summer treat. Plus the pool is open. We hope you can make it, check out the facebook event for more info!


New Radon Pinball!

11 Aug


For over a year, I’ve been trying to lose weight so I can have more energy to keep up with this Radon thing. We just had our first baby human, so basically this new energy is just in time. I’ve never had much success in losing significant weight until I discovered a story from the band Foster The People.

The jist of the story is they were concerned about a friend and offered him $20,000 if he lost 80 pounds in 8 months. For some reason this clicked with me. If someone offered me $20k to lose a bunch of weight, I would have no problem. However I don’t think any wealthy philanthropists are planning to stop by anytime soon. I got to thinking, obviously $20k is not possible, but what is? My wife knows I’m beyond obsessed with pinball machines and at the time, the Radon had an old machine I had traded up for (Meteor). My dream was to own a modern machine that offered multiballs, ramps and all the fun toys. I could never justify spending the amount of money those machines go for (thousands) as it would just be a very expensive toy.

I suppose the part that justifies it is this whole Radon business, an expensive pinball machine purchase can be enjoyed by a whole community and not just me. We worked it out in the budget, and found a way we could afford the purchase, because really a couple grand is nothing in comparison to our long term health savings from living a healthier life. Of course buying the pinball machine is a carrot, but it’s also the stick as I wasn’t allowed to get any pinball machines and would have been stuck with Meteor until the goal was met.

After 1 year and 1 month of constantly adjusting my life style to be healthier, I lost 61 pounds! I was at 246 when I started, and ended at 185!!! I wore size 40 jeans, and now am at 34. I can wear colored hipster pants!!!

You may have noticed at the Kansas Bible Company show last May there was a cordoned-off area in the arcade section of the basement. The new pin was already purchased and waiting to be unveiled. I found a good deal on a Jurassic Park pinball machine that was in very good condition up near Chicago. The Meteor pinball machine had already been sold to a new owner  to add it to his new retro arcade  near Edwardsville. Of course I wasn’t allowed to play the new machine until the goal was actually met.

On July 12, I met my goal and have been since playing the snot out of the new machine. It will be setup for free play at all Radon shows going forward, starting with the August 23rd show with filmloom! Check out this video to see a pinball pro showing off what it can do. The T-Rex eats your ball, and the standard 3-ball multiball can become 6-ball when CHAOS ENSUES. The one thing not shown in the video is the amazing wizard mode that happens when all game objectives are completed, very hard to do.

In case you’re wondering about the specifics on how I met my weight loss goal, let me tell you.

The most important thing I did was to not engage a crazy restriction diet,  ridiculous exercise plan, or calorie counting. Of course you can lose weight faster by doing those things, but to me it’s only short term unless you make those things your new lifestyle forever. My theory is to keep adjusting the daily routine so that you gradually eat better and become more active. I would adjust something such as switch from regular soda to diet. Then I would figure out more errands that could be done through walking during my work lunches. I started walking to work (2 miles) in more types of weather conditions (hot, cold, rainy) and really impressed myself with what I could do. And no, I didn’t get sick all the time, I actually became sick less! I tried to reign in eating sweets and making decisions like “if I eat this cake now, then I can’t have that sandwich”.

At different points I would not be making progress so then I would brainstorm something else I could do. Instead of a pb&j sandwich, how about just a spoon of peanut butter? When the weather is bad, maybe walk up and down the staircase at work instead of walking outside. I can now climb from the ground floor to the top without getting winded!

I also have a gym membership, but I hate working out as I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything. But playing racquetball is very fun! So I play racquetball in the mornings with my friends before work 2 or 3 times a week.

Lastly, my very random number of 61 pounds came from a BMI calculator. When I was at 246, I had to lose 61 pounds to have a healthy BMI. I remembered this from owning a Wii Fit, which liked to call me obese a lot until it was stolen. Someday I want to stand on a Wii Fit, hear it declare me healthy, and then I will chop its head off.

So now that the goal has been achieved, the next challenge is keeping it off. If I was doing P90x or some sort of restriction diet, this could get tough. But I believe I can keep going with this new lifestyle for quite a few years. I also want to lose 10 more pounds just so I’m well within the healthy BMI range and not just on the edge. Of course looking good helps give me more confidence, which is very important for this Radon thing as well as my work life. Plus I don’t know how I can keep all my juggling balls in the air if it wasn’t for this new found energy.

Johnny Cash Cover Night announced!

7 Aug

We’re busy planning the rest of 2014 and we wanted to make sure you know the next cover night will be October 25th and will feature Johnny Cash. There are 10 spots available for anyone who wants to sign up. Each set should be 15 minutes or less, roughly 3 songs. Only one song is required to be a Cash cover.


Also December 6th will be our next Open Mic, as part of the annual Christmas Explosion party we do every December.

Facebook event pages have yet to be made, we just wanted folks to be aware so they can start preparing. We really like doing these things as we’ve seen folks get their start in the Springfield scene due to these nights and it’s been really exciting.

August Show Announced!

27 Jul

August 23, 2014, we’re having a little garden party. Come check out our backyard garden and four really great bands.

Find out more details here, and we’ll be sure to talk about this show more in the coming weeks.


Horse Show 2014 Recap

11 Jul

We finally have time to sit down and write a little about all the great shows that just happened.

If you missed the announcement, the next Radon Lounge show is August 23rd, more details later.

The Horse Show that happened on June 21, 2014 was a success! People came and had fun, hence success!


The day started off with David Lasley on the barn stage and soon both stages were in full force. Over 20 bands performed and there was never a dull moment.


One of our food vendors had to cancel last minute due to an untimely death in the family. We missed the gyros and falafel this year, but Dew’s Chili definitely brought some great food.


We tried to offer plenty to do all day long with the mondo croquet and volleyball, and it was really fun to watch the impromptu games of soccer and hula hooping.


The horses were a big hit as always, Refuge Ranch is always happy to tell you their names and stories.


Of the bands that performed, many were Radon Lounge veterans, and some were new to our scene. We were really blown away especially with new discoveries The Saudades and Narrow/Arrow.


We’re also excited that we got to feature new bands and artists discovered through Radon Cover Shows and Open Mics, such as Jordan Bauer, Anchored Souls, and Blind Social.


The weather was mostly great throughout the day with some rain in the evening, which just served to cool everything down. Of course the stages were indoors, so it didn’t slow us down at all.



The Soil & the Sun closed out the evening with a terrific set.


The folks at Refuge Ranch had a great time hosting the event, as did we. We’re already putting plans together for Horse Show 2015.


We are very thankful for Refuge Ranch, our sound guys, artist food and hospitality specialists, and parking attendants.

Also big thanks to the Vine and the rest of our sponsors for making this event possible. There is a Vine show coming later this month, better check it out.

AudioFeed Preview For The Ample Post-CCM Gentleperson

25 Jun

So little time between resting from the Horse Show and resting for AudioFeed, we haven’t been able to tell you how great the Horse Show was. Look for that in a future post sometime after AudioFeed. We’re excited to see what pictures, video, and moments we can share with you.

In the meantime as we prepare for AudioFeed (next week!) we wanted to share some of our thoughts on this really great fest.


As you’re probably aware, AudioFeed will be July 3-6, with a special early day on July 2nd. Online ticket sales end July 1st, so you better get on over if you haven’t already. This fest consists of 4 stages, tons of bands, and special guest speakers (Shane Claiborne *squee*). Tent camping is the usual means of lodging. Bring a tent and claim your spot. Some RV spots are also available, with electric hookups. Also there will be plenty of food, apparel and other vendors on the grounds. Of course this is just the stuff that’s easy to present, there’s a lot of, um, weirdness too that just has to be experienced. Let’s just say AudioFeed has a list of characters to make things more interesting. The fest is also very family friendly, as you’ll find lots of kids with their families, as well as an area dedicated to kid-centric activities.


We’re really excited here at the Radon that we’re invited to host one of the stages. Last year it was simply known as the “acoustic stage”, which didn’t really describe it too well. This year we’ll make it more like a basement of toxic gases. Quite a few bands that have graced our humble hole in Springfield will be performing on this and other stages throughout the fest.


But what exactly is the AudioFeed Music Festival about? Usually we say it’s the spiritual successor to the Cornerstone music festival. This is only the second year for AudioFeed, so we’re still just figuring things out, although it helps being able to tap the same coordination folks who were involved with Cornerstone. Christians who like music are probably also aware that just like Cornerstone, many other Chrisitian music festivals are dying or dead. At its height, Cornerstone would bring in 30-50,000 people, but that’s in the past now. Just like everyone else, we’re trying to figure out how that happens.

We all have our opinions, but since this is our site, you’ll just have to deal with ours. Just like the Radon Lounge, AudioFeed doesn’t explicitly advertise itself as a “Christian” festival. Some Christians will take issue with this and tell us to stand up for our faith. The problem this creates is the Christian label brings many limitations, legalisms, and intolerance to what can be expressed. There is a certain quota of the word “Jesus” that must be met. We believe here at the Radon there is God and He has made us in his image, as described in the Bible. Since He creates things, he has made us to create. Music is to us a very high form of creativity and we admire those who do it well. The best music we know of comes from people following their spirit and not compromising with labels and systems imposed to control. This is what we promote at the Radon Lounge, and AudioFeed is a much larger example. We find it fascinating our society’s attempts to control what is and isn’t Christian just leads to general uninterest to the lukewarm product that is produced (especially when it’s just considered a product…). Through the many incredible artists you’ll find at AudioFeed, you will probably find a freer and wilder faith within.

audio feed (28 of 132)

We hope you are able to come out, visit our stage, checkout some of the many great musicians and speakers, and not be assassinated by the ninja. Our friends at the Black Sheep Cafe and The Front Porch are hosting stages, too! Most of all, come out and enjoy the excellent and most hospitable community.

For more details, visit and





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