Bands in Europe Dream of the Midwest

10 Apr

This coming Monday, April 14th,  we get the privilege of hosting 2 really great bands with members from Sweden and Spain. We’re pretty stoked.

This show will be hosted over at the Black Sheep Cafe, so don’t show up at the Radon Lounge. BXS is located at 1320 S. 11th St. here in Springfield, IL.

From Sweden comes Case Conrad, a melancholic dreamy soundscape appropriate for the April showers surrounding us all. But the sound is swelling, there is hope. Check out their video for Copper Thief below.


Also on tour is King of Prussia. Their members are split between Barcelona, Spain, and Athens Georgia. We’re still trying to figure out how they make that work. Their sound is considerably more upbeat compared to their tour mates, but they still key right into that very European sounding vein of indie rock.


They just released their new album “Zonian Girls”. Here is a brand new video just released for that album.

Also on the show are local bands Meredosia and Full Chroma.  Meredosia just announced a new EP!

This will be a very solid show, especially for a Monday night, hope you can make it! It’s only $5, plus free coffee and food!





Another Door Opens

1 Apr

Earlier today we posted on our Facebook page the unfortunate news that the Radon Lounge will be closing down after the May 17th show. We’re really sad about that and stuff.

But we don’t want to dwell on the dark parts of life and continue to find joy in our local music community.

Fortunately The Black Sheep Cafe has stepped up to the plate with the announcement of a NEW WATER PARK!


Dumb Waterpark!

Head over to to find out all about it!

Horse Show Update

25 Mar

If you missed it on Facebook, the 1st baby of the Radon Lounge has been born! Charles Lloyd Black will preside on future Radon shows (maybe not in person until he’s old enough to handle the volume).

We’re ready to announce more bands for the Horse Show on June 21st, but first we wanted to mention we’re looking for sponsors. The Horse Show is free, but it would be really nice if some businesses or individuals would help subsidize the cost. We see this as an opportunity for more folks to get involved and be a part of the madness. We’re creating a nifty brochure to make this easy, but in the meantime hit us up if you would like to know more at

Now on to more band announcements! The following three bands are all Springfield local and will be appearing on the garage stage.

First of is Yogi Beara. These guys are the quintessential power duo with heavy garage rock and blues influences. Fans of the White Stripes and the Black Keys won’t want to miss these guys.


Yogi Beara

Next up is Full Chroma, a keyboard driven alternative rock band. These guys are also playing the April 14th Radon show @ the Black Sheep Cafe!


Full Chroma

And lastly for today, we’re announcing local pop-punk favorite Negative 17. Fans of Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, etc, should definitely be there to hear these guys.


Negative 17


That’s it for now. We’ve have some more exciting lineup announcements up our sleeve that we can wait to tell you about.


April Show Announcement!

8 Mar

We’re hosting a show at our friends space, The Black Sheep Cafe.

We thought we were amazed by hosting a Canadian band earlier this year, now comes a show with bands from Spain and Sweden. Cue the horrible horrible Disney small world song.

Now that you have that in your head, may you be brought to life by this musical wonderland.


Let us know you’re coming on Facebook! We’ll talk about the bands in more depth later. For now, check out the facebook event page for more details!

Goodbye Meteor Pinball

1 Mar

For the last two shows, something decided to break on the Meteor pinball machine each time causing the machine to be down for the show. At the Radon, it’s 2 strikes and you’re out. Just kidding, but since we didn’t want to put any more money in that particular game it got sold to an arcade owner from Edwardsville today. Currently the Radon Arcade is basically one machine.

Jeff has 27 pounds left to lose on his pinball weight loss plan before we get the next one, what pinball do you want to see in the Radon next? Say Medieval Madness to give us a hearty chuckle. Let’s think within a certain amount of reason, this is a DIY venue after all.



Horse Show Lineup Announcement!

27 Feb

Radon shows are currently on hiatus until April, but that doesn’t mean we’re just testing out our camera for the oncoming storm of baby pictures.

April and May show booking is still in the works, not quite ready to announce those, but we can give you 3 more Horse Show bands!

As mentioned before, get all the info, including the announced lineup thus far, on the Festivals tab of this page.

Also if you or anyone you know may be interested in sponsoring or donating to this fest, we would be glad to talk to you. We have posted paypal donation links on this website to make donating super easy.

First up we have local Springfield scummy punk band Soap Scum for the garage stage.


Soap Scum

Soap Scum is that stubborn creamy glaze that coats your shower walls and tub. It’s extremely hard to clean because it’s made up of different things like mildew, mineral deposits, hard water, soap talc and body oils. There are several techniques for getting rid of this multifarious sludge, but prevention is key. Members are Mario Soap, Cory Soap, Brian Soap and Kevin Scum.

Next up we have two for the barn stage, starting with a brand new discovery we’re really excited to see, The Saudades!


The Saudades

The Saudades, from Cincinati, OH, in their own words bring “catchy bass lines and playful melodies, the group lives up to it’s namesake and lingers in the mind of the listener.” We’ve definitely fallen for their catchy tunes, and look forward to hearing more than just the two tunes posted on their bandcamp page.  For those who like comparisons, this band can be seen as similar to Camera Obscura and The Dirty Projectors.

Our last performer to be announced today is a friend of the Radon before the Radon existed. David Lasley is an inspiration, as long as he doesn’t shave his beard. With family committments, David hasn’t had much of a chance to perform many shows, but does have a full recorded album to his name. Here is a pic of him performing with his Dad at the recent Beatles Cover Night at the Radon Lounge.


David Lasley

That’s it for now, we’re looking at 19-21 bands right now for the Horse Show, so there will be plenty more announcements to be make!

Beatles Night a Hit!

20 Feb

Once again the weather was terrible, but the show was Great!


So many great performances, although we did go a bit later into the evening than the usual show. We’ll have to make the hard decision in future shows to book fewer slots.


As mentioned before, this is our last show in the basement for a little while. We’re planning some really great shows for April and May, and then of course our big summer event, The Horse Show.


We’ll make sure to keep you informed as those shows develop. Also look forward to lots of baby pictures…

One last thing for now, we want to thank our friend Jonathan Barnett for the photos from the Beatles Cover Night. Starting with this show, JB will be the media czar of the Radon Lounge. We’ve also added a flickr widget on this page for easy access to Radon pictures!



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